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  1. Hello OCR! It has been a while since I have submitted my last song here on ocremix. I've been pretty busy with other things n stuff and bla. I'm finally working on a new vgremix, and yes!.. It's a remix of Twilight Princess (Hyrule field, Great Fairy Fountain) It's a WIP so please don't expect something perfect yet in this version ;] (It has a few fade outs because i still have to bridge those parts) Link(s) to the file [mp3~112kbps]: Mirror 1 [Megaupload] Mirror 2 [Tindeck] Mirror 3 [boommp3] Please let me know if you got any ideas or comments, it's always appreciated =] Thanks!
  2. I've been looking for this pizzicato for almost a year... Cant find it anywhere. I do have found a pizz which is almost similar to it but not that clear sounding as the one i need... Im talking about that dark Pizzicato string from the Yamaha PSR-530 Keyboard ... Can anyone please tell me where i can get a Soundfont of that pizzicato? Or if there's someone who owns the Yamaha PSR-530 I would really appreciate it if you can put the pizzicato in a SF2 file... PM me .. Thanks alot, Paragon (Chaoz)
  3. OMG Oi Zero Bass!! It's me ParagonX9!!! What are you doing here man? lol
  4. Cool man! So did you use 2 music programs for this track? Hmmm lemme guess... Reason and Cubase? or Reason and FruityLoops?
  5. You did a nice job man. Nice use of stereo panning. The sound is very clear, OMG! It's the 'Dillinja'!!! But next time try to make your own beats Rating: 3.68 / 5.00 Well done!
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