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  1. Pilotwings, both the SNES and N64 games need more music, and sequels.
  2. ICO = one of the best games ever Trance= Sucks But I'll keep this one because it's from ICO and it's pretty good. And I loved the Save Couch theme. ICO IS BETTER THAN YOU! PLAY IT NOW DUMBASS!
  3. This wins Spram's "Download this" award. I dont keep all I download but this is GREAT! The quality could have been better, but shut up. A
  4. I'm not a big fan of the Super Metroid Soundtrack. But this is The Wingless. He should do the soundtrack for the next Metroid game. A++++ GG! LOL! GOOD BUY! DL NOW! 4 REAL! NO H8TING! A+++! BBQ! Great BUY! Fast service! +++++++ The Wingless ownz OCremix, D00d!
  5. Vely vely good. I like it. Smooth, slow but not boring.
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