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  1. Fantastic work mv! Good shit. Good shit indeed!
  2. Wow! I can't breathe! I never imagined that Terra's Theme could be so awe inspirieing! I knew that Mr. Soule was a genius...but damn! My heart was melted instantaneously and was transported back to the world of my favorite FF of all time. Thank you Mr. Soule. You are always welcome here, and you piece not only shows your mastery of the art of composition, but your undieing love for music period. Much Appreciated, much love, and big ups! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
  3. Beautiful...but a cocktease! I wanted so much more. I loved this game, and it has a fantastic soundtrack. I wish other remixers would take notice of this game. Great job though dude. Made my heart melt, and thats not easy to do anymore. Recommended.
  4. I can't believe what I am hearing. Wow! This is by far one of the most fabulous mixes I have ever had the privilage to listen to. Unknown, you have really gone out your way and made yourself the opposite of what your name applies. In my book, you are what the gaming community needs. Your take on an already awe great arangement is one that all should take notice of. Its rare these days to find such passion in music, and you my friend have not only captured the essence of Link and his adventures, you trancended the meaning of what it is to be on an adventure. My imagination was on cloud nine w
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