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  1. Unknown, you've done it again. This is Garde from VGMix, a big fan of your Artifact of Power Movements. I love how the flute begins the mix. It's awesome. You've chosen excellent source material, and changed it quite a bit. This really does sound a lot like Pirates of the Carribean... You really are great at this orchestral stuff man, coordinating all the instruments together to make it feel so epic. I can imagine Link sailing and jumping off of his boat onto Dragon Roost Isle and using his grappling hook (not hookshot) to swing up to a balcony and run into the village to play the mail game (a type of gambling, without losing money ). I loved the original version of this song, but I'd have to say that this version makes the original look pretty lame... So... What I'm trying to say is that you kick ass, and I love this mix!
  2. Gray and Freemind, excellent work! This song sounds tragic and epic, although soft for epic. It makes me think of a hero that makes selfless sacrifices his whole life, and eventually gives his life to save another... I can't really explain what it is about the song, but I will say that you guys were able to put a lot of emotion into this song. You guys should do more collaborations, because this is truly an excellent song... The piano leads it, while all of the instruments are more ambient and build into the piano's emotion. Ingenious. I wish I could say more, but as it is, I feel so much about this song, that I am unable to put it into words. Keep it up guys!
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