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  1. If only her voice wasn't all broken up. this would be beautiful. I'd buy it if i could but as it is, it's still nice but i can't get over the broken vocals spoiling it
  2. I made to to X in my listing of my first bit torrent download. slowly but gradually listening to each song on the way. Come through a lot of good tunes, and waded through a lot of, how can i put it nicely, less good ones. <presses the auto repeat button on winamp> I may not make it to Zelda
  3. All the Monkey Island games were on PC and all of them had extremely good music so it's asking a lot to do a good remix. I like though, gets me feeling all nostalgic. Anyone know where i can get the original? Don't want to have to play the game again just to hear the ending credit music
  4. I like this tune but i'm not sure if it is as good as it could be. I remember Outrun having some great music and there certainly needs to be more remixes for this game. This song is good though and it makes my car CD playlist, now all i have to do is pretend my purgeot is a testarossa convertable and i'm driving along a beach road rather down the M62 on a rainy overcast day and I'm set. 8/10
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