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    Nintendo Wii

    Well, considering how early it is in the Wii's life, it's rather unfair to say it's going to die, or Nintendo still has a "kiddie" image. In fact the next few months we're going to see some pretty nice releases, as well as some of the "sandbox" games so-called mature gamers wanted so badly. I'm not saying I'll get it, but come on Manhunt II on the Wii? That's nuts.
  2. The dude with long blonde hair at the end of KOF 01. I still haven't beat him he's super strong.
  3. uhm The Batman game for nes is hella hard, Contra bosses, and contra....and uhm if your not at a high enough level some PSO I&II bosses are....damn you ugly fish enemies!
  4. Hmm ShadowDx Wrote: Okay the first three Ninja Gaiden games we're just rediculously difficult and fucked up anyways! like a Frakenstien boss? seriously that game is more fucked up then Shinobi ever got.