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  1. Not in this section (Tech Help/Newbies), where it really should be. In other places... it really depends on the maturity level of whoever is online at the time of posting.
  2. The "Hell" level at the end of Doukutsu Monogatari (did I spell that right?). Hard stuff. I'm sure there was a boss in there somewhere, but I couldn't even get to it. =[ The "Weapons" from FF7. Obligatory. The desert and underwater ones. Ugh. I also remember fighting a boss from FFX-2 for about an hour and a half straight. Wasn't really hard, just tedious. Honestly, though, I'd rarely consider RPG bosses 'hard'. Hard should be reserved for those bosses that require inhuman reflexes and skill, not simply gaining more levels.
  3. I guess that makes you evil with a heart.....or the diet coke of evil ^^ I really wanted to post to ask jus one question, namely the avatars, i've noticed their diffrent than other forums and wondering where i can find one meeting the forum standards...and sorry if this is in another section As far as I know, avatars are restricted to the Avatar Gallery. Go here, to the bottom, and open the avatar gallery.