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  1. One of the hardest bosses I've ever faced was Sigma's 2nd form at the very end of Mega Man Xtreme 2 (Game Boy Color). Another really tough boss was the boss of Level 4 of R-Type 2 in R-Type Deluxe (Game Boy Color). My hands were sweating when I beat him! Sigma's 2nd form was Easy! Just give X Hyper Dash and ultimate buster and constantly dash into the opposite edge when Sigma's invulnerable. and then put on the +2 Buster when he's outa the suit. If you get Giga Crush use energy saver to be able to use it twice!
  2. Sopot (Red Faction II)- Man its hard to get him dead... Just got to find the button and launch the missile...
  3. Greatest Gag Battle EVER! Had me laughing for about 10 minutes just at how easy it was after seeing the health bar rise up and go over 4 or so times. "Give me all of your Earth Currency!"
  4. heh, i wouldn't call him hard, beat him without using subtanks. his second form was predictable as hell. the only thing that even bothered me was getting frozen - and that only happens when i don't pay attention. and i wouldn't say any RPG boss is hard...unless there's a limitation to experience points, all the bosses are easy, it just takes time. MMX7, on the other hand...the whole game was just a friggin hassle to deal with...mainly due to poor game design. Yea... it was almost imposible to grip onto platforms at times and fucking Glide mode would turn on at the worst instants for X...
  5. I believe its safety badge [found in the sunken ship, it 'protects against mortal blows'] make Jynx pretty much meat
  6. It's on your end. I just listened and had no problems. Check your system
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