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  1. mmm...yummy. i REALLY liked this one. it was very spacey and almost haunting...beautiful and moving
  2. the grunge was aweseme...it's really good to hear someone stray from the techno mainstream. and i love the whole guitars...i play electric guitar and loved the way that sounded...but the guitar was the melody line and it was too difficult to hear. and there was no harmony guitar...if there were a harmony guitar and the melody guitar together WITH the harmony were leveled properly and maybe even EQ'd differently, so the lead tones would be more easily heard, it woud be near perfect
  3. this song is awesome...great work! it's like one of my fav FFVII songs!
  4. i, for one, really like the whole whistling in the background...if it were the SAME thing it'd get really old...but there's changes in the whilstles...overall the song is pretty moving and deep. but also hard to enjoy
  5. i really enjoyed this! this is most likely my favorite peice from the FFIX soundtrack and it's much like the original, but it's more. and i think it's awesome
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