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  1. This is simply excelent! I usually don't like the kick ass beginings or any for of electric gituar for that matter. It's just in there so artisticly. Then, when the softer shimes comes in, it makes me think of looking at the ruins of a palace. Some peices regal and intact, making the roughness seem more unbearable at first, then it all becomes understandable. It's beautiful, vuglar and strange, but beautiful. I used it as an excuse for noise while I wrote my Science Fair Report. Hehe! It also makes me think of being in a cave and looking up to see a high vaulted celing with fine crystal hung from above, lit with candels and shinning brightly amongst the dank gloom. (I'm a wery strange person, who writes too much)
  2. I loved it! Schala's theme is my favorite song in Chrono Trigger. The begging is so peaceful, then the song launches into its true beauty. The flute fits nicely with Schala, then the song launches into something much more beautiful.
  3. One of my few favorites in ct! It makes me wish I could play piano like that! Such musical genius!
  4. I loved it! It is truly magnificiant! I listen to it every day! I find it great for playing FF X. The harp goes so smothly into all of the other instraments...sipmly a piece of musical genius. I love it! Truly a piece of art! The begenning is so soothing, it makes me tired, then the middle it wakes me up. Then, the end makes me sleepy again. It is simply and utterly ideal!
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