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  1. Ok this is the song that got me looking for more OCRemixes before i knew about the site. An excellent remix of the epic MW theme -DJP? well im not a musician, but i didnt think there was anything wrong with it Bigfella.
  2. This songs been on my mp3 player a while now. Its thanks to this song i've found this site
  3. WOW <speechless> I absolutely love the original, but i never thought you could change it into something like this Its like when you've been watching some epic movie and you've done your best not to shed a tear in front of anyone, then as the movies winding up the music changes the mood to happily ever after which makes tears burst out even worse out of total happiness
  4. Well this is the first video game i ever bought and yep soon as you dipped into the water, the tune was just so very relaxing and was one of the coolest pieces of music i have ever heard in a game. For me this remix was always going to be good as long as it kept that original piece in there. Love the way DJ P wraps the song up too
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