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  1. Hi there! To make it short I'd like to request a remix of the song "Emiya". It's a song from the visual novel Fate/stay night and maybe some know it because of its anime adaption (and there was also a remix of Emiya by Kenji Kawai). The is a mix of techno and piano, simple but in some way (in my opinion) epic composed and one of my favorite tracks I can't stop listen to.To date there are some remixes: the already mentioned , a remix by its original composer (I guess) James Harris called , another remix done by James Harris called Emiya #0 and some other fan-made tunes.So why do I request another remix if a acceptable selection is out there? Well, first I want to see how the remixers here would handle it and second most of the remixes are great or good at least but still I see potential. I guess Blizzard would say "to make it more epic". For example the characters of the song (Emiya is both a character and a battle theme) use a kind of magic formula to activate their magic and this fact is rarely used in the available remixes (I only know Emiya #0). Let me write down the text of one of the characters: I am the bone of my sword Steel is my body and fire is my blood I have created over a thousand blades Unknown to death Nor known to life Have withstood pain to create many weapons Yet, those hands will never held anything So as I pray - Unlimited Blade Works Nice, isn't it? Talking about the genre I'd say it should also be a electronic piece mixed with orchestral elements (or to say it in VGM language Kenichiro Fukui crossing Hitoshi Sakimoto *laughs*) but in the end it's up to the remixer(s). Thank you very much for reading and I'm looking forward to the responses. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Greetings Hamu
  2. Huh? So little comments? I must say it is good! But too short. If it would be larger then I would say it is one of the best remixes in the last time. Good work, Starblaze! 8/10 (1=worst; 10=best)
  3. The sound of the ocean is added very good! I don't hear the original anytime but now I know why it is so liked by much. Good OCR start, Hermit! 8/10 (1=worst; 10=best)
  4. Hoooooh! It sounds funny^^ Plok was a game which I played often but I found the music not so good as the game but this remix is easily good! If you hear it you have a good mood! Hoooooooooh! 8/10 (1=worst; 10=best)
  5. Quiet tones are not often heard to Overclocked so it is different from the other remixes. It's very emotional. If you like quiet remixers so you must download them. It's quiet, it's emotional, it's good! 7/10 (1=worst; 10=best)
  6. I don't know... it is a good remix or a bad remix? What I know is that isn't the best remix but not the worst, too. Some parts are good, some not so. Kitsune Sniper told the parts. One thing yet: the outro is terrible if you ask me. 7/10 (1=worst; 10=best)
  7. Yes! I like it very much because it's close to the original but with good elements. I can hear it a long time non-stop. This isn't by many remixes! Great work bLiNd! 9/10 (1=worst; 10=best)
  8. Wow! By the first half you MUST dance so peppy is it! I like this remix very much and I'm glad to see the next remix from Draggor! 9/10 (1=worst; 10=best)
  9. Wow! I have the game and I had never thought that from the music it can make a good remix. But it can! It's a happy and good remix. I like it. 8/10 (1=worst; 10=best)
  10. Wow! I didn't hear so a good piano piece anytime! A wonderful and very good work! 9/10 (1=worst; 10=best)
  11. Not bad, but not good, too. It is not my taste. People who like such a style should it hear! 6/10 (1=worst; 10=best)
  12. Hm, I like it! Yes, it's very close to the original but I think that's why the remix is not bad. 8/10 (1=worst; 10=best)
  13. Uh, yeah, it starts fantastic but the I think the voice is too much. 8/10 (1=worst; 10=best)
  14. Protricity. This name say all. He is one of my favorite remixers so it is clear that this remix is one of the best! 9/10 (1=worst; 10=best)
  15. Anyway, I like the remix. Well, I must say that I don't know the original! One thing disturb me at the remix: the robotic voice. It's good for the intro but later not. 8/10 (1=worst; 10=best)
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