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  1. Jeremy Soule?!?! The genius who composed the Icewind Dale soundtrack?! So stricken with disbelief was I that I half-conviced myself this was some kind of really early April Fools joke.... Until I heard the tune! Three cheers for Jeremy for supporting this site! Three cheers for DJP for creating it! Hip Hip Hurrah!
  2. Ok, first a little background. I used to be very much into dance clubs and the rave scene, but have more or less "dropped out" for the better part of two years. Like two days ago, a friend of mine suggested I check out this site. I then went on a downloading spree, snatching up some 40+ songs. Though the majority of them were enjoyable, THIS ONE WAS THE BEST, and BY A THICK MARGIN! Long story short, I spent hours (yes hours) dancing by myself in my bedroom with this song on repeat. Its that good. I also called up an old friend and insisted that we make "preperations" to get our butts to
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