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  1. Jeremy Soule?!?! The genius who composed the Icewind Dale soundtrack?! So stricken with disbelief was I that I half-conviced myself this was some kind of really early April Fools joke.... Until I heard the tune! Three cheers for Jeremy for supporting this site! Three cheers for DJP for creating it! Hip Hip Hurrah!
  2. Ok, first a little background. I used to be very much into dance clubs and the rave scene, but have more or less "dropped out" for the better part of two years. Like two days ago, a friend of mine suggested I check out this site. I then went on a downloading spree, snatching up some 40+ songs. Though the majority of them were enjoyable, THIS ONE WAS THE BEST, and BY A THICK MARGIN! Long story short, I spent hours (yes hours) dancing by myself in my bedroom with this song on repeat. Its that good. I also called up an old friend and insisted that we make "preperations" to get our butts to a rave as soon as humanly possible. Lastly, I full-on neglegted to write a term paper (which had been my reason for sitting down at my computer in the first place). If you like trance, then there is no earthly excuse for not downloading this song.