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  1. I'm just gonna sum it up in one sentence: These songs are sex for the ears. But, this was an unbelievable project. Best 44 minutes of music ever. I couldn't really notice any flops in the project. (100th reply for the win.)
  2. Dang Beatdrop. You sure get around. I understand where you're coming from with this. It makes sense to drop something of lowest priority. So... about 1 week until WIPs are due, I guess. :/
  3. I can mirror it when it's ready. Unlimited bandwidth and all. Contact me on AIM when it's ready. (AIM: ThatGoldYo)
  4. There's someone else out there with my old name? (No, that isn't me.)
  5. Hmm... I'm thinking of going along for the ride here. Considering either Azure Lake, or Endless Mine. (Or even both, if that's allowed. ) I'll get started on some stuff soon.
  6. Freakin'.....awesome. The piano part makes this only 2 times more awesome. This would sound like some official DDR remix! Heh, the little step up was just a gimmick to tack on time, eh? (Just kidding.) Also, the part at the beginning sounds a bit like something from FFR.... (the menu system, that is.) Also, on the suject of DDR songs, on the ReMix page for this, djpretzel mention how most DDR songs are not true game music, does this include the Max series of songs? (Max., MAX300, MaxX Unimited, Legend of Max....)
  7. For some reason.... The beginning of this tune sounds like some music Microsoft would use for one of their ads or tutorials or something. . Even though I never got to play that stage (Stupid first boss), sounds good!! .....except that it does take a while to get into the swing of things, but still, cool.
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