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  1. Alright, this is a little thing I found about FruityLoops which helps it become a little more “free.” You know the demo, right? Lots of nice loops and sound bites, good user interface, and is great to use until you have to save, which doesn’t happen. FruityLoops Demo doesn’t allow saving of Projects, right? Well, it allows exporting of projects to Midi, MP3, or WAV. Well, it also allows IMPORTING of midis to the FruityLoops in the format that it was made in. So here’s what I do. I work on a project, and when I can’t work anymore, I just convert to Midi, and Export it to Midi. Then, the next day, I upload the Midi, convert the instruments back to the FruityLoops Originals, and I get back to work. This is great for saving the sheets music and instruments of a Project, but requires Echo and Volume pattern retweaking, but otherwise, a nice free demo that works.
  2. Oh, Noppz, how doth I love yee remix? Let me count the ways..... First, you can listen to it over and over again. And again. And again. And just gets better. I have been listening to it for over 6 months, been on every playlist I could have made, and even burned it on Xbox to listen to while playing Tetris. (Yes, I am a sad example of a gamer sometimes.) Now, I start this off by pointing out the one flaw it has. After listening it enough times, I noticed a sawing\hissing sound throughout the piece, starting at 0:17. Now, at first it didn’t seem so bad, except it soon began to stand out, like a instrument off-key. It also doesn’t help that it covers most of the sound spectrums, which makes it difficult to mum or at least weaken. That was the only weak spot I could find, and the rest of the song was more or less excellent. For example, the intro. It starts as a standard background support notes, you know, like on a piano piece that which you play the main melody on the right while you do a “C E G” on the left. It starts alone, then is joined by a wonderful chopped synth woodwind, WITH reverb, giving a excellent introduction feel of what is coming up next. And what comes up next is the beautiful melody of Singing Mountain. Giving a treat for those who attention spans are as short as mine, notice how almost each loop or portion of the song is always different, with the exception of the 2:12 transitional crescendo to the Delightful Spekkio portion. Even the most minor changes are apparent, and prevents it getting stale. That in fact is reason why it lasts so long, it is high-quality, isn’t your run-of-the-mill mix, and is fun to listen. The finale, around 3:27, is simply the most memorable portion, a redone version of an already up-beat tune, Delightful Spekkio, and is carefully played in a epic finish, with a great finisher, a cha-cha-cha. I do have to admit, the Millenial Fair is the weakest portion, but that is compared to the rest of the piece, by itself it a fine remix of it. Now, I can see this as a Credit’s Theme, with the various characters dancing to the beat with the maker’s names float around them, but other than that, it doesn’t really fit into a video game (Though Magus breakdancing would be..... interesting >). Catchiness: 10 Very catchy, even angry anti-technology types would hum to it knowing it was a techno video game remix. Replayablity: 10 Even after 6 months, it is my favorite OC Remix on this site Originality: 8 It is Disco, and it uses some overdone songs, and it is a Chrono Trigger. However, it is a new look, and is fun in a shiny way. Endless Replay Mode: 7 There is only so much I can take, and 7 times in a row left me missing my other mixes. Entertainment: 10 I love this song, and it is very fun to listen too, and it is probably one of the top songs on this site. Overall: 10 This is one of my favorite songs, and is the key reason I love these remixes, something old in a new and catchy way.
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