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  1. Man, this was one of the coolest OCR's I have heard in a long while. Excellent string samples and very creative writing lead to some amazing moments in OCR history...
  2. I am new here to the forums but not to the website. Being a musician myself I have to say Jeremy Soule has a very nice sound to his writing. I wonder where he got his samples from. I use a K2500X, and an Alesis, along with sound fonts I find, etc..... Secret of Evermore was my first game I played by him doing the music and I for one loved it. The Ostanato pattern by the strings and the orchestra is very moving. My biggest compliment again is the high quality samples he uses. I mean, not to be disrespectful to anyone out there who doesn't compose or is not necessarly a musician but being a musician, I was even fooled at a few areas in the music, thinking it was a live orchestra. Againk, Kudos Jeremy! Look forward to many more arrangements!!! Jeremy Barnes p.s. If you read this, can you tell me what equipment you used for this composition. Thanks!