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  1. It's very good, but I know that before I listen to this song because it's a remix from Gecko Yamori, one of the best. I like the mix, but it's not my favorite. Flash C64 is the best mix from Gecko.
  2. Hi. The first time I listen to the remix I didn't like it, but after hearing it twice it was nice. The fifth time listening made it one of my favorites. When I was playing the game Megaman 2 I didn't like the Flash theme very much. When Gecko Yamori made a mix (Flash C64) I like it more, but now, it's one of my favorite themes. Too bad this song is going to be overmixed The intro is long, but very good. It's walking to the theme very slow, but on a nice way. Finally the theme. YES, this is very nice. Nice sound effects, it's being PERFECT. First you used 'page 1' of the song, very used well. Than the other 'page'. You used the correct sound effects. This things goes on a couple of minutes. Then 'page 2' again, nice way to come back to this theme. Oh no, the song is ending, the end is good as well. Overal: GOOD remix, long intro but good. Good remixing and a good end. 9.5 (95%)
  3. This song hasn't been remixed for many times. If you don't know about the psx remix from this song I think it's the only remix from this very good song. This remix has made 'Kijee's top 10'. I has placed this song on the fifth place (from 200 songs) because it's a little short, but the remix is perfect. I hope I will locate a different Cossack Part 2 remix soon.
  4. This is one of the best remixes I ever heard. I made a top 5 list from remixes I have listen (more than 200 remixes from Megaman) and this song mades it to the 4th place. It's starting very good and continues very good too. I hope Disco Dan wants to make a lot of remixes from Megaman because I think he's the best remixer who's here at www.ocremix.org. He got a lot of more songs which are very good too (I also located songs in different sites), but this is the best one from him.
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