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  1. This rules!! I love the violins in it, the rythm is just awesome, the tune changing at the first minute is really nice ^^ Just one of the best symphonic mixes I've heard so far. Emperor, You rule, Dude !! EDIT : The flute tune in the end also is great !
  2. Yeah... considering the fact that Silent Hill 3 didn't take place in Silent Hill (except for the last 1/4 of the game) and this "room" story, we definitely can wonder why it's still named Silent Hill... btw, I'll have to give Forbidden Siren a try.... NOTA : For SH3, it's obviously just called so because it follows the lines of SH1.. NOTA 2 : I'm really looking forward to seeing your site, guys ^^
  3. True... But the katana available as normalweapon in SH3 kinda excited me **blush** As for SH4, I still can't understand what the main idea is with the "room" concept....
  4. One question I'd like to ask : How is it that the 2/3 of Silent Hill 3's action takes place in a city that is not Silent Hill ??
  5. Hiya How can I make a sig diplaying the current title played in Winanmp (like many people around here have) ????
  6. ...Crap ! My theory tears down with this constatation... Anyway it was really not something relyable so... Have to build another ^^
  8. last try before I get pissed of....
  9. Testing my sig... Hope it'll work... 1,2,3... POSTING !!!
  10. Sephiroth in Kingdom hearts *Don't cast stones at me !! * (I was used to the command system but this boss kicked my ass a thousand times... I actually gave up)
  11. That doesn't mean he didn't put an end to his misery by shootin him in the head from behind... he's a madman afterall... Again I take evidence from the silent hill DVD... The character designer says that the guy in the chair is James. now, we all know that, right? Weird dead guy in the chair is James' polygon model... But the character designer also goes on to say that this wasn't a trick used to save polygons...this is one of James' nightmares which has come true. Also, it represents dying in front of a does the little bit in Room 312 later on in the game. Ok. Kick me if you judge me dumb but again that doesn't make evidence he wasn't shot in the head from behind. (I don't forget he's also been shot in the knees) *** SPOILER I can't help but wondering about one thing... In SH3, there's a scene in a library where Vincent meets Heather and tells her this : Do you think he was really joking ??? O_o°
  12. Well I think the fog in the entire city IS a symbol of the fact that the city is not ENTIRELY real I think the city (its structure and houses) is real but I think that this huge fog covering the city is the symbolof the characters's hallucination. Here is not a real theory... rather an opinion to begin my own theory... But I'v read some really interesting things so far that could lead me to another way... To be continued when you say that my theory about Maria's deads and rebirths doesn't make sense, I propose you to think about it twice... If James Killed his wife and has remorses, all that Maria lives in Silent Hill could be what happened to Mary and what he would like to have happened then... Gosh!! It's 4.50 AM in Paris and I'm gettin' tired .... Gonna sleep... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn
  13. That doesn't mean he didn't put an end to his misery by shootin him in the head from behind... he's a madman afterall... [Risks of spoiling...] I have to put a theory of mine about the James/Maria relation. Someone's been saying that James is supposed to leave the town with her but that then he realises that she is nothing but his own view of Mary. Considering the overall theory that Silent Hill is a place where your fears, memories and feelings become material, we can understand easilly that Maria is a creation of James's wicked mind. But we have to notice that she is the character that has the biggest amount of symbols around her. Come to think of it : When James first meets Maria (in the park), she is surrounded by fog (which is a symbol of hallucination and/or memory), which supports the fact that she is not real, even if she seems real at this point. Then we can notice the symbol of her double killing and the fact that she gets mad at James (and her "amnesia"). This is (from my POV) a symbol of James's brainstorm between his willing to forget Mary's death and his eternal love to her (and obviously a metaphore of his own sin). The fact that Maria resurrects and forgets about the scene where she got stabbed represents , for me, the fact that James wants to retrieve his wife and his desire of being forgiven by her. Last point (Hurray !! ^^ lol) : We know that James first wanted to escape with Maria (didn't he promised her ? ). But as he realises that she is his own representation of Mary, he realises that this is gonna be impossible... Then it explains (IMO) why she is stuck in the labyrinth's jail (the labyrinth symbolysing for me the fact that James is getting a huge mind struggle to understand why he is stuck in such a hell). This Jail then seems to be the symbol of Maria's unbreakable link to Silent Hill and the fact James is coming completely realize that she is just a mirrored image he made of Mary... Phewww... Finally reached it ! . Now I'm gonna go thinking about my overall theory that the town creates images of the characters' subconscious and I hope this sounds satisfying to you... Next one will be more nerdy, lol!