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  1. I must say one thing: I didn't like the previous DDR song remix that was made by SuperGreenX. .... But this one's damn good. I like the fact that it keeps within the DDR-type style even though the original song is maybe 2:10 and this measures up at 4:46 strong. The comments in the song's recap were very clear in this, only two parts in the song were kept, the main theme during the slow section, and the fast piano part, without either of these, it's a total revamp, not a remix, so I'd be surprised if anyone complains about it not being creative enough. Solid, solid remix overall.
  2. To start, this song is as good as everyone says, bla bla bla [insert usual compliments] ... but it still could be a little better. My only complaints are with the marching percussion's entrance and their crescendos in the middle... they're just too loud, to the point of any audio system I use (PC speakers, CD Player + Headphones, etc) needs to be turned down just to deal with the noise. The effect of it is just fine, but it just gets too loud, I would've liked a little bit of a quieter entrance and possibly a LITTLE quieter exit. Just being picky for a good song. EDIT: Yeah, ran it through sound forge, now I know what the term is, the song's clipping during the perc. feature.
  3. Wow.... I don't think I've heard a better flute sample in a long, long time. Sounds like something out of the Banjo-Kazooie games, but that's another story. This one is excellent, sounds right with the Wind Waker theme without being pulled directly from the song, I'd want to play with this song instead of the normal one, always good for a Remix. I don't like the opening percussion though. Almost sounds like the hits are completely devoid of any kind of beat, plus they almost take away the effect of the incoming higher part due to the randomness of the perc. Works much better after that point though, damn good sampling on the brass too. I'm a sucker for the 3/4 time used as well and anyone who can effectively use a marimba gets instant points. Great ending too.
  4. Heh, you can really tell he's a professional. I've still gotta go with "Terra In Black" for the best FF6 remix, but if I ever got this piece in a concert-band format, I might just change my mind. I think we've found the opening song for the next Final Fantasy movie.....
  5. Only thing I hate about this song is that the damn music is caught into my head...... again. I honestly laughed out loud when the song started, but the snare drum-type hits definitely could be a little better, the song does sound like an 80's-type song, but that stood out too much to FULLY enjoy the song. Still, makes the memories all flood back.
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