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  1. igy

    Amazing music; tragic loss. Rest in peace, brother.

  2. Your music has brought so much love, so much beauty in this world. Yours was a life filled with promise and hope, brought to a terrible and sudden end. But you shall always be remembered by your family, your friends and your many admirers as a talented, wonderful man. Your music has inspired me to learn piano myself, and I hope I can do your music justice when I play it.

    You will be forever missed. Thank you for the music you left behind. Thanks for everything.

    Rest in Peace Reuben

  3. Rest in peace, Reuben. Your music will always be in our hearts.

  4. Hey Roe! Good to see you still around the forums! Regarding the brasses, you mean flat as in the opposite to full?
  5. Thank, haha the snare was put in to give the cast and audience something to clap to XD I'll play around with speeding up he tempo.
  6. Hey guys, one of the bigger projects I've been working on recently was a musical consisting of a 60 minute non-stop soundtrack. Thought I'd share one of the stronger themes with you guys today: http://www.reubenkee.com/music/alice/Scene%2011%20-%20Hand%20in%20hand.mp3 There are a couple more songs if you guys have facebook: http://apps.facebook.com/ilike/artist/Reuben+Kee
  7. Reference video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HucuC23X5ew For those like electric concerto who haven't heard the halo theme before. Anyway this piece has been submitted. *crosses fingers*
  8. Leah: Yeah those chicks are scary aren't they? XD Aight, I'll play around on the effects on them. electric concerto: Uhh... I don't really have a link to the halo track atm... will look around.
  9. Blackwinged Saron: Yeah! You totally felt the sense of urgency I was aiming for avaris: Will look into that horn and percs. Originally I wanted the percs to just fade into the background when the rest of the instruments and choir came back in, but I agree that another drum to keep the beat changing would help the dynamics.
  10. ThinCrust: Heya! Both tracks have their arrangement more or less complete already... Boss theme is in james bond style with Sixto helping on the guitar, birth of a god is done in epic choral/orchestra/drums style. The Joker: Well although my arrangement for birth of a god is done, I never was one to try and monopolize anything... so if Zircon agrees you could always do another version
  11. The percussions are from the grand daddy of perc sets - stormdrum XD Ahh I forgot to mention that the vocals are from a track on the Ghost in the shell: Innocence. There's a track with just the singing so I used that XD
  12. Thanks man. Worked on the lead and harmonies and raised the volume on the instruments. Updated to same url
  13. SUBMITTED. Composition complete, all sections in. Should be just tweaking from here on. I just had to do another epic battle scene with crazy drums XD This time its Halo's theme mixed with Ballade of the puppets from Ghost in the shell: Innocence. Finished arranagement. http://www.reubenkee.com/music/remixes/The%20Ballade%20of%20the%20Warriors.mp3 For those who downloaded it last time, there's no update, I just finally got around to submitting and posting the link to the source tune
  14. roar. Back from overseas and I'm reclaiming back birth of god and boss theme. I've also lost the link to the forum >_< Could someone url me? XD
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