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  1. 3 of my favorite games ever! 1) Okami Amateratsu (Okami) 2) Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles) 3) Ragna the Bloodedge (Blazblue)
  2. Tear jerkingly beautiful. Makes me love aquatic ambience even more. I look forward to your next creation
  3. Couldn't agree more. Been waiting for the day when Sonic Advance (any of the three games) gets remixed. Some amazing tunes were hidden in these gems. Though I agree with you regarding no.3, I'm still hoping someone gets around to remixing some tunes from that game especially. It's one of my favorite video games in terms of music. All three games have amazing tunes, and the Ice Mountain Act 1 is my favorite from the first game. I love how the original feel of the song is kept very much the same as one would experience playing the game. This is a very lovely mix that's been put forward.
  4. Beneath the Ashes is the most wonderful thing I've ever heard
  5. One of my best friends is a girl named Rachel This song reminds me of her And she is one of the most amazing people anyone could hope to ever meet So thank you
  6. Your music has brought so much love, so much beauty in this world. Yours was a life filled with promise and hope, brought to a terrible and sudden end. But you shall always be remembered by your family, your friends and your many admirers as a talented, wonderful man. Your music has inspired me to learn piano myself, and I hope I can do your music justice when I play it.

    You will be forever missed. Thank you for the music you left behind. Thanks for everything.

    Rest in Peace Reuben

  7. Hey so why isn't there an MP3 download option? I don't have the download limit to get the flac versions.. Can we get an MP3 download option?
  8. Having just finished listening to the whole album in one sitting, I hope everyone doesn't mind if I do a review of all sorts (Even though I have no technical musical knowledge) It's a generally good album, with some super high-quality stuff mixed with some slightly below-par mixes to come from such a high standard website. I hate to even sound slighlty critical but until track 8 on the first CD, except for 'Shades of Red' there was nothing that either took me by suprise or utterly blew me away. Not that it wasn't fun to listen to. It's just that I had impossibly high expectations of this and for the most part, it delivered. Let down by those weak mixes but. Once you get past the first 7 songs, the quality only gets better and better though. Mixes done by ProtoDome, Willrock and Halc were of an extremely high quality and it was great to see the three most consistantly excellent mixers on this album come together in 'Bullet for my Piloswine', which is a pretty good track in itself. The rock parts provided by Fishy were occassionaly lacking power or excitement but were well constructed and performed greatly. The best part of this album would have to be the amazing piano mixes provided by pu_freak. I have a certain bias towards piano remixes as they are for the most part works of fine art, but both of pu_freak's mixes are masterpieces. Brilliant piano work change two of the best themes from the whole series into even more amazing pieces of brilliance. The remix of the G/S/C Champion theme was the best song on the album, and the remix of the ending theme (not sure which game though) was the perfect conclusion to what really was a great album Sources, and how well these sources were represeted were a major suprise for me. So many brilliant tunes got left un-remixed, particularly in the latter games but this was to be expected as there are just too many great themes in the Pokemon series. One of the major disappointments was how some of the great thems that did make it on the album lost some of their lusture and brilliance, particularly with the 'Rival Battle' theme from G/S/C which is one of the best themes in the series but it's mix was quite disappointing. Partially this may be down to the disjointed lyrics in 'My Greatest Rival' but especially for me, this song was a massive letdown. However, the failure of this song was healed by the success of the remix of the equally amazing Ice Path theme 'Argent Vexemon' by The Orichalcon, which stuck to the crreepy yet addictive them of the Ice Path. However, many unexpected sources were included which were used brilliantly and so unexpectedly. Such welcome suprises included the Route 26 mix (a brilliant theme but one I wasn't expecting to get used) 'Champion's Horizion' by Willrock, 'Divine Olivine' by Chrono and DragonAvenger which really suprised me by making the Violet City theme actually cool, 'My Friend Mudkip' by halc which helped prove Dewford Town would sound really good chiptuned and the 'May I have this Swords Dance' by ProtoDome, a mix of the Canalave City (Day) theme, and one of my favourite themes from the 4th generation of pokemon which was kept to it's peaceful and elegant roots Overall, this is a really good bunch of Pokemon mixes, occasionaly let down by some weak remixes, but for the most part full of strong, beautifully and artistically constructed mixes which contain the essence of beauty used in their great themes. I give it 9/10 Thank You OverClocked ReMix and to Everyone involved for all the time and effort put into this project!
  9. The first ReMix I downloaded that wasn't a DKC2 one, and the first ReMix I truly fell in love with. Took me back to my many battles with Ryu on the Japanese rooftops and Marketplaces. The piano and the into draw you deep into the mix and then Ryu blasts you into the battle. I never want this song to end when I listen to it. An outstanding mix full of Hadokens, twists, Shoryukens, ambience and chilling beauty. Brilliant!
  10. How you managed to make a song from this game sound so beautiful is beyond me. Close your eyes and you feel like your swinging from the treetops, waterfalls cascading in the background, creating mini rainbows. Then you dive into the crystal clear water and swim off through some sort of lost civilisation, observing the beauty of this pristine world, Finally, you resurface into the glow of sunset, feeling content and at peace with the world Great stuff here by Mr. Burns
  11. It's as if these two songs had died, and then Dshu breaths new life into them, forming them into one celestial being whose purpose is to spread peace and harmony throughout a sad world. Brilliant piano work here. Almost inspires me to learn how to play the piano so I can recreate it. Among my more favourite piano tracks on this site. You captured the beauty of the two courses which this was taken off (Sherbet Land, Ranbow Road) and put that into music form. Bravo
  12. This song is what convinced me to finally give Phoenix Wright a chance. Not usually a trance lover but this song was the first song I got off this site (After downloading Serious Monkey Buisness - Only heard about the site this year) and instantly made me beome a regular visitor. Anyways this is a beautifull arranged remix so thank you. Love the 'OBJECTION!!' at 3:16
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