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  1. Castlevania III kicked your ass, and then damn, did you kick its ass back. No hits! That is extremely impressive, dude. And congrats on the newspaper article. I can't wait to see you do NG, that game series has always given me so much frustration.

    Thanks, Liz. :-)

    Great video! Good luck; I think you'll need it.

    I think you're right, Mirby! haha! And thanks!

    I wish Ninja Gaiden upon no man - it'd be quite a feat to see you beat the second form of the final boss before time runs out. In addition, screw those bats in stage 6-2 :-( .

    Screw those bats HARD! I still haven't been able to ever beat 6-2 with a regular controller. I'll be surprised with MYSELF if I can manage to beat just 5-4 with a dance pad!

  2. I'd be blown away if you could beat Dracula's final form without using the axe.

    Prepare to not be blown away and completely unimpressed. :-P

    You could also use a save state... I don't think it would be cheating.

    Edit, I think you said you were using an emulator...

    He's using the Wii, by the looks of it.

    It's a combination of both. That's how I've been able to play the Japanese version on my Wii, especially since I'm not allowed to buy the Japanese version of the game from Virtual Console in my region. Without HBC on my Wii, I wouldn't be able to play the Japanese version of CV3 on my Wii with my GameCube dance pad. It's all Nintendo's fault for not officially releasing the better version over here, really.

  3. But I can't believe there is such a drastic difference between the 2 different versions. Actually being able to THROW your knife makes him freaking amazing. Probably an easy jump from worst to best tag along in the game.

    Combine this with his ability to climb on walls and ceilings and, yes, I agree with you! I mean, seriously, GRANT'S DYNASTY. :-D

    Are you going to play through it upside down and on hardmode, and the 'impossible' route the second time? :-P

    Heh, we'll see.

    Anyways, Rambo, Abadoss: Thanks for following this series! I'll see you all tomorrow... hopefully!

  4. Games I've Beaten With A Dance Pad (left-click the game title for easy access to videos!) Last updated June 24, 2012

    1. Castlevania - NES (Added April 22, 2010)

    2. Super Mario Bros. - NES (Added May 05, 2010)

    3. Mega Man 2 - NES (Added May 20, 2010)

    4. Castlevania III - NES (Added June 9, 2010)

    5. Ninja Gaiden - NES (Added March 1, 2011)


    (Added June 23, 2012)

    I made this thread due to the demand of others and also for the sake of convenience. You'll no longer see another thread from me, as this thread will cover all of my dance pad endeavors from now on. If you look at the list above, you can easily see which games I have already beaten (including the videos to go with them), and the list will be updated every time I beat a game, so you don't have to play the guessing game of what I have and haven't covered. I hope everyone's fine with this idea!

    I have been mentioned on Kotaku, 1UP, Destructoid, OSV, Joystiq, NintendoLife, Capcom-Unity, and even Giant Bomb! When news broke out that I was beating Castlevania with a dance pad, I was totally surprised by the attention I got, and once I beat the game, everything changed: people were requesting games, and I started to gain an actual fanbase. Then I beat Super Mario Bros. with a dance pad, it got 95,000 views, and I was everywhere on the Internet--crazy. My videos have reached the parts of Mexico, Brazil, Cambodia, Finland, Sweden, South Korea, and Thailand. As of right now, my Mega Man 2 videos haven't gone nearly as viral, but I have been honored by Derek 'HVGN' Alexander and Capcom-Unity, the official Capcom site, and I now have a pretty large fanbase that regularly and consistently watches for my latest videos--they watch everything I put up and I am vrey very thankful and grateful to have them!

    Which leads me to my next project:

    I beat Level 1 on Castlevania III (NES)... WITH A DANCE PAD.

    I am calling this series 'Castlevania III: Grant's Dynasty' because I will be playing as Grant later on in the series, and will most likely use him for a majority of the game.

    This game is only going to get harder and harder, so enjoy it now while it's still easy! You'll probably like it more and more as it gets harder and harder, though; gasping in awe at the stunts I pull off, laughing at the mistakes I make. haha!

    Enjoy! Let me know if you think this thread is a good idea!

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