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    It's quite cathartic in this modern age when we're all nice to people nowadays and tolerant etc. and I can, in my private moments, act out my xenophobic rage against all non-humans in an approved manner.

  2. Piffle. Nobody cares about Tyranids except Tyranid players, and they're too busy looking up Xenomorph porn and stripping the junk food sections of your local supermarket of all organic matter for anyone to care what they think.

    One thing I really hoped they'd do with this one is introduce army variations. For those of you who haven't played the tabletop game, (almost) every army has various factions, chapters, regiments or whatever that each have slightly differing playstyles. To use those attention-hogging Space Marine bastards as an example, the White Scars legion focuses heavily on maneuverability, fast attacks and lightning-strike tactics, whereas the Blood Angels prefer to just charge screaming into melee and carve up some shit.

    It would have been a lot of work, but by god it would have been worth it. It'd mean people would more or less be free to choose the army they liked, rather than the army that best suits their playstyle, since you'd more or less be able to cater to any playstyle with every army using this method. Right now, though, they're just glorified colour schemes.

    Thousand Sons need some love, damn it.

    oh bitch bitch bitch

    Live with it

    I didn't get my Guard either so we just have to wait for the expansion.

    Although Why by all that is good and Holy do the Eldar keep getting in? They SUCK. SUCKY MC SUCK SUCK WAAAAAH WE'RE A DYING RACE AND YOU ARE ALL CHILDREN WAAAAAAAH


  3. Wacky I actually use E for jump in every FPS game now

    and spc for use


    The two games with the biggest influence on me are:

    1. Morrowind

    2. Half Life

    Of course, for the two, they have e and space switched, so E is use in HL and Space is jump, and vice versa for Morrowind. I've keymapped Oblivion and Morrowind to E for use, because it's just FPS convention now.

    I always hated how Oblivion got rid of the "Staffs can be used as weapons" idea that Morrowind had. That, and how levitation was taken out. As well, the entire Levelling problem (Which Morrowind actually had, as does Fallout 3- just not as extreme as Oblivion's) could have been solved by keeping Divine Intervention, or Mark and Recall. If you weren't prepared and get into a too high level area, tough. You die. Morrowind was incredibly harsh that way.

    If only Morrowind had Oblivion's Graphics, skills and Physics systems, and it would be the ultimate RPG experience... better than BG2. And that's a lot coming from me, for BG2 and ToB is the epitome of RPG goodness.

  4. o.o

    I would never have guessed that. Thanks!

    And I was trying the darndest to figure out a way to holster my guns, too. Just hold in reload? Wow.

    Yeah, ever since Morrowind became a runaway hit on the original Xbox, Bethesda has been making their interfaces for console gamepads. For the PC, they literally just translate gamepad buttons to computer buttons. I mean... because directional pads only have 8 directions, we can only use numbers 1-8 for hotkey items. They didn't even bother to extend the capacity to all 10 keyboard number keys. And despite all the unused keyboard buttons... there's no pulling up the map with M, or going right to your inventory with I. Just Tab and a lot of clicking back-and-forth. And one of the most frustrating things for PC users, too, is how you have to use different buttons to exit different interfaces. We're used to Esc does everything, but no, you have to Tab out of the Pip-Boy, E out of an inventory exchange, and Esc out of the main menu. :-|

    At least mods let us dress the interface so it better fits the PC, like this:

    Default Barter Menu

    DarNified Barter Menu

    I went back to oblivion and got so angry I switched spacebar and e around on Oblivion

    Because for god's sake I'm trying to talk to you, not jump.


    Edit: Realised I'm not in unmod.

  5. I hate the power armours. As you can probably tell from my weapon loadout my specialty is skulking in shadows and shooting you in the head once. The Power Armour does nothing for me.

    I prefer Reilly's Combat Rangers Armour. That stuff rocks so hard.

  6. I agree for the laser rifle. Talon merc trying to kill me usually got one or 2 of them in a squad. So it's easy to repair and maintain ammo. It's currently the gun i carry for exploration, becaue i was surprised by the high critical ratio too.

    My inventory is usually:

    a melee weapon (in cse i ran out of ammo)

    My weapon of choice (right now the laser rifle)

    Grenade (for group and tough encounter)

    i also grab wathever gun the ennemi is using (got the habbit to do that in STALKER)

    i found oasis and andale yesterday, all those small location scattered around are fun to discover.

    I have on my person:

    1. Plasma Rifle

    2. Ol Painless (And a Hunting Rifle to repair it with)

    3. Combat Shotgun

    4. Xuanlong Assault Rifle

    5. Frag and Plasma Grenades

    6. Pulse Grenades (As you can see I have no real anti robot stuff)

    7. Sniper Rifle (Which is surprisingly sucky)

    I may get rid of the Sniper Rifle at some point- I just use the HR.

  7. What and where is Andale?

    As for ol' painless, is it really that good? I mean, I *do* love hunting rifles, but the attack power seems pretty low compared to the 60-ish of the special chinese assault rifle?

    All guns are useful at certain ranges.

    Ol Painless is excellent if you're out in the countryside, or in fairly spacious areas (Not dungeons, but even the metro is spacious enough.) There are lots of HRs to repair it with and many people use its ammo (.32 pistols AND HRs) and if you're a bit of an FPS fanatic it doesn't have a spread, so you aim it, you shoot what you're aiming at, which is great if you want to "VATS" people without actually using VATS.

    Combat shotgun is my other favourite- that's for clearing out corridors and other close quarters battles. There's an excellent shotgun you can get from evergreen mills. In possibly my only evil act ever, I planted a nuka grenade on its owner's body to obtain it...

    Assault rifles are good if you're up against a mob of unfriendlies closing in on you.

  8. I'm usually pretty Live and Let Live with my ethics (I couldn't bring myself to finish the Oasis quest- I prefer to sneak past ghouls, etc) but after being stuck in that place and going through the town quest not only did I purge every living thing in that town, I went and bought a flamer and hosed the bodies down again.

    This is also what I do to the "hunters" in the wasteland so I think you may know what I'm talking about.

    Also, this game makes it too easy to be good. If Super Mutants didn't carry around their gore bags, and if Raiders merely mugged you, I wouldn't have my trigger finger on Ol Painless so often...

  9. Damn, doing that Declaration of Independence quest was hard. Sydney died basically right away. Protectrons aren't that hard to kill, but Mr. Gutsy and Brainbots/Sentries are. The only way I got through was by using pulse grenades.

    Hunting Rifle, shoot the head. When the head is disabled, no robot can aim with any accuracy.

    Pulse Grenade Spam from 5m away for the win.

    The only problem is getting Pulse Grenades off Talon Company dudes, because those guys are tough and they're better shots than I am at 100m with an assault rifle.

    But in any case, my iconic character is a person with the "commissar's cap" (Enclave officer cap,) a Regulator's Duster, and a plasma/laser pistol. Too bad you can't dual wield the shishkebab at the same time, or I'd be yelling "FOR THE EMPEROR!" and other similarly commissarish phrases, which seem all too appropriate for the Fallout setting.

    Also brotherhood of steel cough cough Adeptus Mechanicus and Space Marines

  10. There's nothing quite as satisfying as when you get the Commando trait, take your combat shotgun out, and time your headshot (With VATS or in real life, which is awesome- yay for learning how to awp whore) for the time when the super mutant running at you falls headless with the bloodstains just reaching your feet.

    But right now, all I wants is mah sheriff hat, Winchester, and Dogmeat bah mah side, walkin to the sunset...

  11. I can't help but be a god damned goody two shoes.

    I was about to swear harder but realised this isn't Offtop and Fallout 3 isn't the real world where people swear every 3 seconds. But I love the verisimilitude!

    It's like Oblivion, but way funner! And I LOVE Oblivion!

  12. It doesn't' date=' but I felt the highlight of the hype was the chaos you could commit with the Force. Havok and DMM shouldn't change that gameplay too much.

    Euphoria on the other hand, might make a significant difference, being AI related. I'm also curious if the stage layouts and move set are drastically different.

    On a side note, is this like Shadows of the Empire, where each medium of the project covers a different subject of the overall story? (For those unaware, the SotE novel focused on Luke, game on Dash, and comic on Boba Fett)[/quote']

    The mere fact i can pretend my wiimote is a lightsabre makes the game awesome beyond belief.

  13. Well how many female Imperial commanding officers have you seen in the series? I can't think of any. And I would expect that a Dark Lord of the Sith, an intergalactic emperor, and a dirty old man would MAKE cleavage the standard. I mean, the light side Jedi Council got away with epic bewbs, so what's stopping the dark side? I can't even begin to imagine a Sith Lord not using the full power of the Force to further the dark will of his penis.

    That there is an In Universe explanation as to why all female character models in Star Wars games dress like porn stars (Jan Ors being the exception) shows why I prefer Star Trek.

    Yes, I include Bastila Shan. Just because the woman shits me.

  14. Looks great for an afternoon staring at hot blonde chick's rack, (And it's good to know she's actually modelled on an actual woman, which means I have to find out who this "Nathalie Cox" and her sexy British accent is, and beating up stormtroopers.

    But it's not exactly something that asks you interesting questions, does it? I always thought that Bioware really knew how to impart some sort of interesting choice into how you played- Of course, Deus Ex did it best. Did you sneak into the Statue of Liberty? Or did you blow the shit out of everyone? When you played Mass Effect or NWN or BG, did you judge in that haunted castle, or did you give mercy? Did you hold the human fleet behind, dooming millions to death, or rush in and doom just as many just to save them? Before I learnt that being good actually got you heaps of rewards (More than being evil), Bioshock really made me sit up and take notice in the moral choices you made in a very similar manner. Star Wars is perfect for this kind of question to be asked of the player.

    Here, you know how the story ends. But I always liked Jedi Knight 1- because you made choices and those choices mattered.

    But anyways- it looks like a lot of fun. When I have time I think I'll get a copy.

    Edit: Minor bitch, but why does Lucasarts think it's necessary for a highly decorated, model Imperial navy flight officer who otherwise acts in a completely professional way to wear a non-standard uniform that shows off cleavage? For God's sake, not all of us are 14 year old boys and need cleavage to know she's the bloody love interest.