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  1. This made me lol also leokef see you in .org when you're banned
  2. TNG got me hooked on Star Trek. It was a family. I thought "Lower Decks" was probably one of the best trek episodes ever made, along with "The Inner Light." Also "Darmok." TNG had some really beautiful Sci Fi themes running through it, along with a sense of family among the crew members (Hence why I assume Worf always finds himself back on the Enterprise). TOS had these too. Then it just sort of died out. There was no more science fiction. It was just space opera. Star Wars is good Space Opera. Star Trek shouldn't try to be like that. Imagine switching it around to a Star Wars universe: "These are the voyages of the ISD Crushing Fury. Our Continuing mission: to exert control and authority of his majesty the Emperor over his subjects and to maintain order and peace in the galaxy. To Destroy all that would threaten the Empire. To Conquer, where none have gone before." *Trek Music* In it, the Captain would have a large group of officers he relates to on a more familiar level, and the junior officers even play poker or whatever the hell they play in Star Wars. That's not Star Wars. Trek should stop trying to be what it isn't, and DS9, Voyager and Enterprise all forgot that (Except I thought first season Enterprise was great.)
  3. Mellissan from Baldur's Gate 2, Throne of Bhaal Expansion. To all you liars out there who said it was easy... BAH!!!! Mind you, she IS defeatable, but even doing it is tough stuff. Complete Magic Immunity, She casts Time Stop, removes all protective magic from your guys, curses them with a -10 malison (If you know your D&D rules well it's a REAL downer) she casts Balor demons and God knows what, has 4 phases, and her melee attack paralyses you. She's also immune to all but +4 weapons and above (To put it in perspective, there are about 5 decent weapons in the entire game +4 and above)... and it takes searching. Mind you the Battle music Rocks so hard you won't notice you're dying miserably
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