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  1. No it isn't. The libelee can claim true innuendo.
  2. Don't publish. If you never publish, you have the defence of triviality. Truth is also an absolute defence to libel.
  3. The best thing is that Chris Avellone knows just what words to use. I'd have personally said "Some new atrocity" instead of "a new atrocity" but otherwise the tone of the quote is exquisite.
  4. I grow tired of yelling battle cries when fighting this mage! Boo will finish your eyeballs once and for all so he does not rise again! EVIL, MEET MY SWORD! SWORD, MEET EVIL!!!! Also: "Statement: Just when I believe my photoreceptors have recorded the last potential aspect of your cruelty to my memory core, you commit a new atrocity that leaves me analyzing its impact for days. You are like a delightful random cruelty generator, master, poisoning all you touch with your presence. You are a testament to all organic meatbags everywhere."
  5. A band with strong jazz/funk influences with a guitarist and bassist who like going into psychotic rock riffs every now and then calling themselves "You had me at Hello." Good name or not?
  6. Sorry to double post, but my ex was 2 inches shorter than me, so if she wore heels she'd actually be taller. I'm 6 feet tall. Average, I suppose, but that's tall for asian.
  7. DOA was unintentionally (and possibly intentionally) the funniest bad kung fu movie ever. It also had a lot of completely intentional cheesecake. I personally liked Helena. mmmmm.
  8. Wacky

    Dawn of War II

    Merely proof of your warp spawned mind's corruption.
  9. Wacky

    Dawn of War II

    yeah like you HIDE IN THE EYE OF TERROR LIKE THE COMPLETE PUSSIES YOU ARE CLEANSE! PURGE! KILL! It's quite cathartic in this modern age when we're all nice to people nowadays and tolerant etc. and I can, in my private moments, act out my xenophobic rage against all non-humans in an approved manner.
  10. Wacky

    Dawn of War II

    oh bitch bitch bitch Live with it I didn't get my Guard either so we just have to wait for the expansion. Although Why by all that is good and Holy do the Eldar keep getting in? They SUCK. SUCKY MC SUCK SUCK WAAAAAH WE'RE A DYING RACE AND YOU ARE ALL CHILDREN WAAAAAAAH GO CRY ME A RIVER
  11. As is becoming a tradition, Happy New Year from Australia, where we are now in 2009! W00t! I am drunk as! Rock on, Brothers and Sisters!
  12. The two games with the biggest influence on me are: 1. Morrowind 2. Half Life Of course, for the two, they have e and space switched, so E is use in HL and Space is jump, and vice versa for Morrowind. I've keymapped Oblivion and Morrowind to E for use, because it's just FPS convention now. I always hated how Oblivion got rid of the "Staffs can be used as weapons" idea that Morrowind had. That, and how levitation was taken out. As well, the entire Levelling problem (Which Morrowind actually had, as does Fallout 3- just not as extreme as Oblivion's) could have been solved by keeping Divine Intervention, or Mark and Recall. If you weren't prepared and get into a too high level area, tough. You die. Morrowind was incredibly harsh that way. If only Morrowind had Oblivion's Graphics, skills and Physics systems, and it would be the ultimate RPG experience... better than BG2. And that's a lot coming from me, for BG2 and ToB is the epitome of RPG goodness.
  13. I went back to oblivion and got so angry I switched spacebar and e around on Oblivion Because for god's sake I'm trying to talk to you, not jump. Morons. Edit: Realised I'm not in unmod.
  14. Or they just keep using their maiden name... Duh.
  15. Wait, so does this mean you're NOT going to be a complete Nazi in PPR? Or is this just a vain hope? haha, I kid. Congrats!
  16. A Tyrant is merely a person who takes power over a state via illegitimate means and bears no relation to whether they are a good leader or not.
  17. I hate the power armours. As you can probably tell from my weapon loadout my specialty is skulking in shadows and shooting you in the head once. The Power Armour does nothing for me. I prefer Reilly's Combat Rangers Armour. That stuff rocks so hard.
  18. I have on my person: 1. Plasma Rifle 2. Ol Painless (And a Hunting Rifle to repair it with) 3. Combat Shotgun 4. Xuanlong Assault Rifle 5. Frag and Plasma Grenades 6. Pulse Grenades (As you can see I have no real anti robot stuff) 7. Sniper Rifle (Which is surprisingly sucky) I may get rid of the Sniper Rifle at some point- I just use the HR.
  19. I don't know about you but the Batman theme is perfect for the Dark Knight series also. I have no idea why they didn't want to keep it.
  20. All guns are useful at certain ranges. Ol Painless is excellent if you're out in the countryside, or in fairly spacious areas (Not dungeons, but even the metro is spacious enough.) There are lots of HRs to repair it with and many people use its ammo (.32 pistols AND HRs) and if you're a bit of an FPS fanatic it doesn't have a spread, so you aim it, you shoot what you're aiming at, which is great if you want to "VATS" people without actually using VATS. Combat shotgun is my other favourite- that's for clearing out corridors and other close quarters battles. There's an excellent shotgun you can get from evergreen mills. In possibly my only evil act ever, I planted a nuka grenade on its owner's body to obtain it... Assault rifles are good if you're up against a mob of unfriendlies closing in on you.
  21. I'm usually pretty Live and Let Live with my ethics (I couldn't bring myself to finish the Oasis quest- I prefer to sneak past ghouls, etc) but after being stuck in that place and going through the town quest not only did I purge every living thing in that town, I went and bought a flamer and hosed the bodies down again. This is also what I do to the "hunters" in the wasteland so I think you may know what I'm talking about. Also, this game makes it too easy to be good. If Super Mutants didn't carry around their gore bags, and if Raiders merely mugged you, I wouldn't have my trigger finger on Ol Painless so often...
  22. DON'T GO TO ANDALE. Dunwich Building is merely scary. If you're immersed into your RPGs, Andale is far more horrifying than a mere elder god.
  23. By the way- "Ol Painless" has no spread, no matter what your skill, so it will always hit what you're aiming at. Cool huh? FPS time!
  24. Hunting Rifle, shoot the head. When the head is disabled, no robot can aim with any accuracy. Pulse Grenade Spam from 5m away for the win. The only problem is getting Pulse Grenades off Talon Company dudes, because those guys are tough and they're better shots than I am at 100m with an assault rifle. But in any case, my iconic character is a person with the "commissar's cap" (Enclave officer cap,) a Regulator's Duster, and a plasma/laser pistol. Too bad you can't dual wield the shishkebab at the same time, or I'd be yelling "FOR THE EMPEROR!" and other similarly commissarish phrases, which seem all too appropriate for the Fallout setting. Also brotherhood of steel cough cough Adeptus Mechanicus and Space Marines
  25. Holy Mother of God. Liberty Prime for the win. FOREVER! "Probability of Mission Failure: ZERO PERCENT" New catchcry for the week.
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