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  1. Thanks a bunch. I actually already figured out a way to get the sound, in almost the same way, except since it's only certain channels that need the reverb to get the type of sound I'm going for, I realised I can use the individual snare/kick/hat channels from the Sytrus generator instead of using a single channel for the whole drumloop, and then modify the sound from there.
  2. I'm looking for an 80s drum set (preferably 80s goth, a la Sisters of Mercy). Can anyone help me out?
  3. Hi, sorry to make my first topic in the forum a crappy newbie begging topic. Anyway, my story, briefly: I know my way around instruments and composition, though not recording, and digital music is completely foreign to me. Due to circumstances, though, I no longer have access to my instruments and to keep myself sane have taken up digital music. I downloaded the FL demo, and even having just a few days to fiddle around with it, I can compose a mediocre piece, though not even remotely what I'd like. I'm happy to continue to teach myself, but there's one thing I would like help with: I'd like to use an 80s drumbeat (more Sisters of Mercy than Duran Duran). My usual method is to start pushing buttons at random until I find out what everything does, then just keep at it until I get good at it. Shockingly it usually works, but it's failing me this time. I will not be happy until my drums sound like they're being played in an abandoned warehouse, and this is where I need help. Can someone link me to a sound-set download, point me towards a tutorial, explain what I'm doing wrong, something? As I'm completely new at this, you may need to use small words. Or, of course, if this type of topic is discouraged, throw shoes at me.
  4. I'm Lance, a regular and mod on Starmen/Fangamer. I registered here probably years back, but I don't think I've ever touched this account. Like everyone here, I'm gamer geek, yes, but mostly a music geek. I've been playing music all my life so I know my way around a fretboard, keyboard and soundboard, but I don't know the first thing about making music digitally, and that's why I'm here.
  5. Shadow has more than earned my respect as an artist with this one. Despite the fact that 'Booka' means 'butt' in Romanian, despite the fact that I got killed in the Scaraba Desert time and again, I can say without doubt that this my favorite of all the OC Remixes I've heard. As I've said time and again, I'm obsessed with Arabian or Egyptian sounding music. From PharoTeknical to Deep Damp Sandcastle, from Five Iron Frenzy's Fistful of Sand, to the band Ra, I'm simply in love with music that has that mysterious desert feel to it. This is a prime example of, as Lionaje calls it, the 'Pharo' subgenre.
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