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  1. An awesome remix! This theme is one of my favorites in the game, but it's only in the very beginning of it, before Link gets his sword back. I'm very glad to hear a remix of it. My only qualm is that at the VERY end, when the hi synth is fading out, it goes to ear-splitting sound mode. Heh. Not a big deal, since it's the end of the song. Much appreciated and very good work!
  2. I agree that this song is uber fricken awesome. It roxx my soxx! But one little thing I noticed, the hi synth during the intro, while the voices are going on: I was listening via headphones, and when the doubling occurs for said hi synth, it's in stereo so that one comes in one headphone, but the echo comes in the other. However, the echo isn't any quiter than the source, so it throws you off as far as rythm. I also noticed this when I was listening to it in my car. It just feels off while listening to it through certain mediums. Not a big problem, just a minor note I thought I'd point out.
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