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  1. As much as I like trance it is always good to listen to remixes which are different than the usual techno/trance types with the usual instruments. I have never heard of the original song before but this is exceptional, definitely something which I can share with my friends who are not into gaming music. Keep up with the good work! Now about the similarities of this song to the other piece from Sonic, I just listened to both and would say that for the most part (95%+) these two songs are completely different. IMO some people might think this way because the smooth sound of the saxphone?
  2. Great Song; this track just oozes with style while not sounding cheesy at all. Like many have said already a little more variation would be nice but then most of the Techno-type songs have few variations. Definitely one of the best songs on this site.
  3. This is one of the best remixes on this site. A good break from the usual trance/techno fair. At times the distortion is a bit too much but other than that this song is almost perfect.
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