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  1. Going from a Priest main to a War alt is pretty sweet. I get to see the opposite side of the spectrum. Currently at a /played of 41 days on my Priest, its hard to un-attach myself from him though. So much work went into him that restarting with another guy seems like a HUGE task. Anyone got some tips to help kick up some motivation for my next 33 lvls?
  2. I didnt look to see if this link was already posted but www.whataboutpp.com It shows pics of supposed Tier 3, Jewelcrafting, Legendary staff and the like that will be coming out in patch 1.11 and the ex-pack. (Priest and Sham tier 3 looks the best imo)
  3. This is one of the better videogame to movie makes ive seen. The acting was really bad in my opinion however the sound was awesome. Silent Hill is know for its good sound effect and that was prominent in the movie for me. I never played the 1st Silent Hill but i know alot of the stuff from the second game was in the movie seeing that the 1st and 2nd games are based out of Silent Hill. Even the gap between the buildings at the hotel was there. I was sort of confused at the end but after reading some of your posts it all makes sence now and I kind of feel dumb for not realizing what was happenin
  4. I, being a priest, can rarly beat a rogue (a fairly decked one) if they get the jump on me with repetative stun locks to keep me locked down enough that I can not cast. However; if the rogue doesnt kill me when he has used all of his points / fails to stun lock then I will just dot and fear then mind flay his ass down with my shield and VE up. It's all based on the circumstance. I just respec'd Disc / Holy soo im really weak because i don't have that much +dmg gear. Id like to one day be this guy - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6737260276585568647&q=p BTW, I got Shard of The Sca
  5. Lol at that waste of time. PUG groups cant work together as say, a guild with vent. Also, playing together alot helps you learn eachothers play stile thus helping you even more in conquoring the bosses. On a side note - My guild went to MC the other day. We killed Luci, then Mag (which we have done before) then we tried Gehennas for the first time, wiped then killed him on the second try. We went to Garr and wiped agian, then killed him on the second wipe. Gehennas and Garr were both 1st time every tries for everyone and we were able to kill them. That made me pretty happy. I know a few guild
  6. Everytime a patch comes out for me, it says Im behind a damn firewall when I dont have one. The patches go extremely slow. 2 episodes of ATHF down and Im at 3%.
  7. Sorry for the double post~ http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?FN=wow-priest&T=476457&P=1 I came across this while reading the WoW forums. It's a PvP vid of a Shadow Priest. Was this any of you guys cause the 3rd song in is KRool Intentions by Protricity. It made my day when I heard it. Just thought I might share that with you guys.
  8. Next person who asks me to make them water is gonna get sucker punched in the throat. (priest) You forgot to add the part where the people repeatedly yell 'heal!' over and over while you are in mid-cast of a heal on that player and when someone dies you get bitched at non-stop for the rest of the time in that party. Other than that you've got priests down.
  9. Have we come to a conclusion yet?
  10. Everytime I cast Inner Fire on my priest and I see that it has a buff time of 3 mins my eyes bleed. I dont think priests need any work, we are very powerful as is when you are specced shadow. We melt faces in PVP. Its like Raiders of the Lost Arc.
  11. The pally armor set screams Judge Dredd. So bad ass looking. Too bad I'm horde. The Priest armor set better be cool looking too and not girly pink and purple kind of cloth crap we get stuck with (not including prophecy set cause that is BA too)
  12. I love my rogue but I've been playing priest, and I've got to say, he is awesome too. With my rogue, I like stalking people and the DPS is phenomenal; however, I am a big fan of instances and rogues are well, you know the rest... With my Priest, I like having the feeling of the parties life in my hands (I'll have to talk to a shrink about that.) and hes pretty strong too. Also highly wanted for end game instances. The down side of this class is getting bitched at by idiots when you go to heal them and they run behind a wall and you lose line of sight but they feel its your fault. That's when
  13. Cry more, please little child. If you don't play a class, shut the hell up about it. The only people that bitch about Paladin are the ones that aren't good at the job anyway. If you want to see a job that still need a role defined, look at Warlock. You came on her ranting raving about Paladins when you stated you HADN'T played them; GG moron. Sorry, last I checked you don't rule my life, so I won't be shutting up little lassie. Locks do need to be fixed~ On a side note. Priest is pretty bitchin'.
  14. Rockcrusher (level 5 boss) Evil on Hard The asteroid level right? If its the boss that catches all the rocks, then yea youre right, hes tough. Sometimes im able to get into the area where the switch is and the rocks prevent him from shooting the "diamonds" at me. If someone beats that game on very difficult and makes a vid of it, then they are god in my eyes. The game might be harder for me because im playing with my friend and with 2 spaceships at a time is hard to keep track of stuff. I haven't been able to sit down with the game and play it because my ps2 has the disc read error probl
  15. We should skip boss and go right to game. Gradius V I beat it with 12 credits used on very easy. The game is a beast I tell you!
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