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  1. is it just me, or is jinato's so-far habit of making a new pseudo-signature each post with a new quote kind of odd?
  2. well,I don't know why you don't like a good song. commas do wonders.
  3. Damn. Suppose I should start getting used to it now. While I still have some points left to comprehend what it was like before I lost them.
  4. Whenever I hear this, I want to sit on a glowing stone couch. I didn't think the save theme could be made more melodic than it already was, but it's been done. Great song to daze out to.
  5. This song is like a good lego set. Everything builds up perfectly, with a good climatic mound in the middle. I enjoy the sound clips of Ico, as well. Superb.
  6. Ahoy. Name is Andy. I decided I might as well join the forum seeing as I've been downloading these remixes for some time now, and here i am.
  7. Hearing this brought back great memories of the first day I got my Genesis. Way to go, DarkeSword!
  8. This is the ultimate sing along while head banging and looking like a moron song.
  9. As my first post, I compliment this piece. Very well done, I enjoy it immensely.
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