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  1. This is the Second game song I looked for after finding out about this site, no doubt the song is a classic. The original just stuck out on the original Batman game on the NES. (Coincidentally, this song is on the PC Engine/Turbo Graphix-16 version as well). This remix in fact would work at the club, and no one (except a handful of geeks like myself:)) would be the wiser. Great remix, in spite of the voiceovers. Adds an intensity to the song that needed to be there. Get out the glo-sticks on this one! Tight!
  2. I have to admit, when I found out about this site, THIS was the FIRST song I looked for. It always stuck out in my mind as one of my top 5 all time favorite video game songs. The original was a tad cheesy, especially with all the sugary sweet hugging/smiling going on in the end game cinemas, but it fit, and it just sounded theatrical to me. This remix takes the uplifting/triumphant vibe of the original, and smooths it out even more. If there was ever a Streets of Rage movie, THIS is the song it needs to end with. Awesome job!
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