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  1. I don't know if the similarities are that great, but the intro to this feels a lot like the intro to Wizards and Warriors.
  2. Beautiful song. I'm a huge fan of musicians who are able to blend light and dark tones in one piece, and this is one remix that deserves several listens before it can be completely appreciated. From the sparse intro, the transition is so smooth that you don't even notice how atmospheric and rich it has become until you're completely enveloped in it. I don't normally comment on the ReMixes here but I couldn't not compliment you, McVaffe. Thanks.
  3. I'd just like to start this review off by thanking Sal. Auron was by far (and I'm talking in terms of light years) the strongest character in the game and my favorite, and his theme was one of the stronger tracks on the iffy FFX OST. Very good stuff here. Nice and simple, but powerful remix of Auron's Theme. Thanks for this most importantly. The rest of the song is equally as powerful. And I noticed you couldn't resist a touch of To Zanarkand. Fine by me.
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