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  1. Hello everyone! The Tiny Barbarian DX OST is out! Haven't played the game? Go HERE! ABOUT: Tiny Barbarian DX is a 2D platform action game inspired by Sword & Sorcery fiction like Conan the Barbarian. Like the short stories that inspired it, the game is split up into episodes, each its own self-contained adventure. Buy one episode, and you get them all! Your purchase helps support on-going development (four episodes are currently planned), and when a new episode comes out, you'll get that added on to your game. Currently the game is for Windows PC, with a Mac port currently in development. Sound good? You can buy it right here! LINKS: Play Tiny Barbarian DX Jeff Ball Website Listen to the OST! Like on Facebook! Starquail Games
  2. We got funded!! Woo!! Big thanks to everyone who contributed!
  3. If it gets greenlighted, yes. Here's the update that talks about that
  4. Hey DarkeSword thanks for reverting the thread. Thanks for all the support so far, hopefully we'll reach our goal!
  5. Hi Peoples! I'll working on audio/music for a new Tiny Barbarian game, provided we can get the funding. Check it out! Link --> Tiny Barbarian DX Kickstarter Hugs for EVERYONE. (hugs are awesome)
  6. It was awesome working on the game! It's true, you'd think there would be more 3d space shooters out there, what with the huge influx in indie games in the last few years. I dunno what the deal is, but yeah, play the game! It's pretty neato!
  7. Hey guys, I wrote music for this game that came out recently, check it out! <3 for EVERYBODY.
  8. Yeah I'm totally one of the remixers. The soundtrack is great, and all the remixes are solid as well.
  9. Anybody heard this yet? This album has six remixes on it!
  10. I'm with Dannthr. Look at the last line of their bullet points: "Entries can be used by FluffyLogic for promotional purposes. Artist(s) will be credited accordingly." It doesn't matter if they credit you, they're getting your valuable and specialized labor for free. This is not how the industry is meant to operate, and it's detrimental for game composers as a whole.
  12. Thanks guys. From what I've heard, they're going to take a look at the sales records after a month and send it to Valve to see if they're interested in distributing it on Steam. Overflow: The reason I got this gig was because I had a friend who recommended me for the gig. I have met the guy who did the art, since his girlfriend went to college with me, but we never really associated much with each other. I still haven't even talked to the programmer guy. I did work on Monkey Island 2: Special Edition (with Zircon), that was a fun gig. I probably wouldn't have gotten that had I not known Wil Roget for a million years, and the gig also being a good fit for my skill set. I'm sure that indie gamers have forums and blogs that they write on. The hard part is that you usually have to get involved with those communities (that don't usually involve music) before people will take more interest in what you have to offer. This industry has a lot of people who are good at what they do, so it's actually more important to be a good person. Because if you're awesome at what you do, but not easy to work with, nobody will want to hire you. If people think you're cool, they'll also introduce you to other people. So if you want to get gigs, do this: 1. Make a portfolio website. 2. Learn how to network properly, because it's a full time job. 3. Meet and make friends with people who make games on places like forums, real life, anywhere. Make sure not to just show them your music and say "hire me!" 4. Be patient. It can take years before people come back with gigs. 5. When you get contacted about a gig, make sure they're actually going to finish the game before agreeing to do music for them. This will save you time. Hope this helps! Of course, there's no right or wrong way to get into this industry, you kinda just have to see what happens and go for it.
  13. Soundtrack released. Check it out!