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  1. I dunno, complaints about instruments seem pretty legitimate to me. I mean, isn't that what most WIP Remix criticisms are about? "Hmmm, you've got a great rhythm going, but the drums that you're using sound kind of cheap and odd, how about going for a deeper drum sample?" A voice is an instrument, so it's open to the same criticisms that you can make to any other kind of instrument. Along these lines, having issues with songs that have voice shouldn't seem that outrageous. Some people place more importance on the basic parts of a song. Personally, I feel that lyrics can somewhat limit my
  2. I'm in the "Enjoyed the music, not the lyrics/singing" camp. I was so happy to see that someone had remixed this particular piece of music, but I was immediately bummed to see that it had lyrics. Listening to it, I tried to see what it was that most people saw in the lyrics, and I guess I kind of learned to appreciate it's purpose and all, but I realized that this wasn't something that I wanted to have in my playlist for repeat listenings. A no-lyrics version would be pretty cool, because like others have said, the remix itself sounds orgasmically awesome, but the singing just seems to cloud
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