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  1. I especially like that beginning beat that sounds like an old stereo pumping out a beat before the mix gets go. Fo Shizzle
  2. I've never heard the original tune this is for, I confess, I've never played Mega Man...but this tune sounds a lot like Chicago - I'm a Man
  3. Am I the only one who sees this? I can picture this music being used in a movie in two difference scenarios...mostly when the music hits 2:40 One: Used for one of them endings to a movie that gets so emotional it makes even grown men cry. two: Used in a flashback towards the end of a movie when a main character dies and all the other characters start remembering the good ole days with the character...and a lot of things are moving in semi slow motion and everyone is happy. Maybe it's just me...but anyway, McVaffe did one hell of a great job on this mix, but that's no surprise
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