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  1. KirbyMeister

    Nintendo Wii

    Nobody really cares or noticed this, but the Mii Popularity Channel is late.
  2. KirbyMeister

    Nintendo Wii

    Doubt it. Changing the Mii's binary format would cause ten kinds of havoc for every game that was written to read Mii, version 1. The results would be either: 1. Crashing 2. Save data corruption 3. Nothing at all (rare) 4. Missingno Miis Avoiding that would require patching every Wii game that uses Miis, and I don't think there's a game-patching system for retail games. The Wii simply doesn't have enough memory for it. And as for the popularity channel, I just wanna know when it comes out. I'm guessing 2 days from now, since it's a month since the suprise launch of the Everybody Votes channel, and we've been seeing new channels spaced about a month apart. Also, how come everyone is ragging on the Wii's weak Q2 lineup? Q2 lineups always suck, videogames are still pretty seasonal, which I don't like.
  3. KirbyMeister

    Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo REALLY needs to push Mii integeration into all games, or at least all multiplayer games. Hell, they don't even have to look like Miis if it won't fit the game style. Mii is an awesome idea: user-made characters that work in all games. Finally, you no longer have to spend an hour customizing your character - just import a Mii. Except Nintendo isn't using 'em. Seriously. Only a whopping total of 3 games use them, and the number isn't growing anytime soon. I'm not gonna count the Everybody Votes channel, or the upcoming Popularity Channel. They aren't games. Anyone else notice their Wii getting slower to boot as they get more channels? From what I've read, the Wii has to setup each Channel's preview program before showing the menu.... I have 13 channels currently, did Nintendo just never expect people to have a lot of channels? The Shop Channel JavaScript has an error message for being out of channel SLOTS. I thought it would just add on another page, but... Still, having 48 channels must take FOREVER to boot. I'm hoping for some firmware updates.
  4. KirbyMeister

    Nintendo Wii

    While most people will complain about it (OMFG NINTENDO IZ BEIN DUMB LOL POPULARITY CHANNL), I probably will end up using this a lot. It's not the greatest idea yet, BUT I did end up using Everybody Votes a lot. However, this channel will also be Sony/M$ fanboy fodder, because it's not anywhere near a game. I will be a little thrilled when my Wii starts glowing and I can play around with it. The only Wii Channels I rarely, if ever use, are Photo and Forecast. I will be very thrilled, when my Wii starts glowing, and it's an announcement about new downloadable games. P.S. why not a trivia channel!?
  5. KirbyMeister

    Nintendo Wii

    I dunno. It just seems ironic, possibly... sinful or something. Whatever. It's sort of funny, that's all.
  6. KirbyMeister

    Nintendo Wii

    Just played around with the News Channel. First headline was about the PS3 Europe launch. Suprised Nintendo didn't cut that out.
  7. My hope for the next generation? No next generation. I don't even wanna think about it right now, it makes my wallet shudder in horror.
  8. You'd be suprised how many people start complaining when people make any money, even incidental monies, from something someone else put out for free. It's kinda insane, yes, but they can do it. The likelyhood of being sued over using a remix in a commercial project? Unlikely. Most OCReMixers don't have lawyers, and if they were to sue, the original composers would most likely come and sue US. This would be so much easier without the extremely obscenely outreaching copyright laws of the U.S. and most other countries.
  9. Automated procedural music composition... does that mean I can set it to compose parodies of the latest schlock on the radio?
  10. VGM3 is heavily focused on quality control. You can't upload a song without completing 3 reviews, and the system demands you meta after hitting a certain predetermined limit (HP loss) which can only be avoided by writing really lengthy reviews. Automated handling of competitions and projects is a much-appreciated feature. Only thing I'm really worried about is a Sage cabal killing everything that they don't like, but other than that it's really QC oriented. In short, I give it a 34.1589132 out of 39.141592654!
  11. Mega Man vs. Metroid. It's on Newgrounds.
  12. That would make a hilarious game. Everyone is aware it's a game, and when the final boss attacks your analog sticks stop working, making you use the d-pad instead. If you play the Sony campaign, you can change weapons in real time. The Sony Ninja also has a ninjitsu called "Attack it's weakpoint for massive damage" which causes the enemy 599 US healthpoints worth of damage.
  13. The patent office has reached a new level of stupid - payola stupid. My commentary: There's so much prior art out there... this lawsuit won't last 2 days. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are laughing quietly.
  14. Bleh. $300 iTV, iPhone confirmed, Paramount flicks over iTunes, and Apple Incorporated's new name. I was expecting more wow factor. I hate how cellphone carriers try to get exclusive 'hot' phones to bolster their subscriber numbers, even if their network drops calls like hot potatoes. iPhone syncs through iTunes. iTunes bloats a little more each update. One thing I really want explained: When Apple starts selling HD content, what about all the content you already bought? Will we end up paying $2 for SD and $4 for HD? I don't see why... the bandwidth cost increase jump for serving HD can't be THAT bad... is it? Of course, movie studios do want HD to cost extra. Steve Jobs is going to need to run the Reality Distortion Field at maximum power to make this look fully groundbreaking. Either that or I just hate cellphones.