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  1. lol Ya, that will do it. I won't even give a song an honest review unless I've heard it on a good pair of heads phones and a good set of speakers. Forgot to add... loved this mix and I'm not even a big fan of piano solos. I am usually partial to electric guitar.
  2. Vamp out of MGS2 on Extreme... He cheated like a fricker bug is what he did. But dont worry I wasted him and the rest of the game.. Missed two dog tags though.....So frusterating.
  3. The Hardest boss I've encounterd would have to be vamp on extreme difficulty in Metal Gear Solid 2, We had two people alternating fighting hm every day for some times hours. And it still to weeks to kill him, once they killed him once they could do it againg though, because thy had vamps moves and how to get out of them so memorized.
  4. hehe, beating sephiroth is hard, but far from impossible. Personally, this was the most rewarding thing i've ever done in a video game. It took me around 15-20 goes, but when i finally did it, i was so overcome with joy that i ran and hugged my little brother (who had been cheeering me on) and proceeded to run out of the house and roll around in the grass laughing. It makes me smile evan thinking about it. Sephoroth maybe hard, but try beating camp on extreme in Metal Gear Solid 2. That my friend takes dedication and co-ordination. btw, i think kingdom hearts is fantastic, flame me if you must, but you're not changing my mind Agreed. It only took me about 10 tries though. it would have taken me less, but I didn't know where to get curaga.