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  1. I absolutely love this mix. Even slightly better than Gerudo Interlude. This whole song plays like a whispy dream, that never quite plants itself into reality. The way this song haunts just seems to me to make it quite fleeting, in a good way. Many other mixes of this song are heavy, almost formidable. This mix just barely exists, and although intricate, it is quite light... in my opinion. I feel that with some songs, if you abruptly stopped the playback it would almost echo and leave your ears ringing, but if you stop this song it's like it was never there. But why would you want to d
  2. I have to say that the Lava Reef Zone music is my favorite from all of the games. However, I didn't really feel completely into this track. The drums may do it for some people, but I just think it takes away from the "underground" feel. I like this song, but the parts where the overly-lound drum were missing were the best. Keep up the good Sonic work!
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