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  1. Well, "1-up"... anyone who's not a gamer is going to think "outdo someone" instead of "extra life."

    Or "nerf" as in making something less effective/overpowered...

    And then I guess you get the shorthand/acronyms that have more or less become their own words, like HP = hit points, health, etc. or XP = experience (points).

  2. You know, from the way people were going on, I was expecting something really, really confusing and strange with Metal Man's track. This isn't the first time a Robot Master was described as having some weird, awkward crush in one of these songs. ;P Regardless, it's pretty awesome.

    But yeah, Top Man is an easily recognizable theme and it's quite catchy, so I agree with Kyle on the mass appeal thing. I think it'd be a good pick for a submission.

  3. EDIT: I'm surprised the OCR "Bronies" aren't flocking to this game like moths to flame since the chick who voices "Twilight Sparkle" voices Juliet.

    Isn't it Tara Strong? She's done... quite a few more cartoons and video games than just this and MLP. It's not much of a connection.

  4. I wouldn't compare this to Blazing Saddles... The racism in Blazing Saddles was at least clever, and ultimately the black characters were portrayed in a very positive way, they were heroes.

    By that logic, this is also a positive portrayal, since she's the hero.

  5. There was probably a deaf guy who saw every OC ReMix video as it was posted, saw that each one was exactly the same thing, and flagged them all. I know that sounds silly but anything is possible.

    That's what I was thinking. Well, not necessarily the deaf part, but that the videos all appear the same and someone jumped the gun before using their brain.

  6. Crisis city made me want to look into Sonic 2006, then I remembered what a big piece of shit it was and quickly changed my mind.

    damn its a fun level though

    Sonic 06 is a disaster condensed into disc form. However, I would recommend the soundtrack; there's some very nice stuff in there.

  7. Am I the only one who says "DEH-Koo"?


    It's kind of weird when you end up talking Zelda with someone and have no "canon" pronunciation to refer to for most of the names. SAR-ia, Ka-kuh-REE-koh, Guh-ROO-doh, NAV-ee, JAH-boo JAH-boo, Skull-TUL-ah (though that would be more likely with two L's at the end, I guess)...

    Then again, despite all the games saying "MAR-ee-oh" the ads seem to use "MAYR-ee-oh" a lot. To me, that's kinda up there with "Eye-rak" and "Eye-tal-ee-an."

  8. Wheatly was freakin' hilarious. Anyone impressed by the sound design? They had some binarual mixed stuff for sure; you could close your eyes and imagine you were in said chamber.

    They certainly did some interesting and immersive stuff in that regard, but I have to say, there was this one test chamber that I think would have had me ready to tear my ears off if I hadn't gotten through it any quicker. It wasn't a long or deeply involved puzzle, but the "music" had this kinda pulsating quality that just intensified the more you progressed and it got a bit annoying.

  9. I'm more disappointed in that when you play through Portal 2, it's pretty apparent Aperture Science is REALLY into testing. For like...no reason whatsoever. First they payed a lot of money for Olympians, Astronauts, and war heroes, then they wanted to save money and started hiring hobos, and then they started making employees do mandatory tests because they were free.

    At some point, they filled up huge reserves of test subjects, as shown when Wheatley talks about the people in cryosleep (either ten thousand, or tens of thousands? I don't remember, but it's a lot). I was suppose they're maybe prisoners given the orange jump suits, but who knows, that's beyond the point.

    The point is, they REALLY like to test. GLaDOS had core components that required her to test and build chambers and test and test. Wheatley had to do the same thing when he controlled the facility. They never seemed to have an access of test subjects. So then WHY would GLaDOS try so adamantly to kill Chell in the first game? I mean that's what started this whole thing. GLaDOS tried to kill Chell for no reason. Not the other way around.

    The only reason Wheatley even considered that as an option is because he found the robots. He'd NEVER have killed her otherwise because then he couldn't test.

    Seeing how they seeming put a lot of resources into preserving test subjects in those hotel room chambers, I really can't see why GLaDOS would try to kill a perfectly good, healthy, young, test subject whom generally performs pretty well (I mean let's be honest, Chell is able to dismantle the entire facility, twice, in only like 12 hours tops active time).

    Keep in mind that the very first thing GLaDOS did upon activation was try to kill everyone around her for no real reason. Even with "morality" installed, and being an AI/computer system, she's not exactly a rational, stable being. She's got routines and protocols and all, but she's also got a pointless sadistic streak that existed even before Chell makes it personal.

  10. Also, over 24 hours since I signed up for Dream World... and still not able to get onto it.

    I was having a similar problem... the loading screen would simply stay at 0%.

    Then I tried it on a different computer and it went through in a matter of seconds. It consistantly refuses to connect from my usual computer. So... yeah.

    I have to say, I'm rather disappointed that the time of day has absolutely zero influence on catch rates. It just seems to take away from some of the fun and surprise when just about everything that will ever be there is there.

  11. Well, I finally got on board (Black, started with Snivy). It's fun getting into this again, but I feel like I'm having trouble finding much in the way of Pokemon I actually want to use... I don't mean to sound like some "purist" snotbag, but a lot of the new critters just aren't connecting with me, and the ones that seem tolerable aren't pulling their weight.

    I'm enjoying the game, but I kinda hope it improves in this regard so I can actually build a proper team and stop feeling like I'm lugging around a pack barely-useful nitwits.

    Also, that Audino thing spits out so much experience it almost feels like cheating.

    I dunno. Maybe I'll hit my stride soon.

  12. As a kid, I was always immensely disappointed when a game's booklet didn't have character profiles or artwork. Nowadays, you can at least find a lot of the cool official art online, but back then all you had was either in the booklet or maybe in a magazine article. Games are supposed to be an immersive experience, so it was always nice when the booklet took that extra step to draw you in.

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