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  1. LASS 2.0 is being sold with $400 off. I still won't be getting it, but I imagine this is about as good as they get?
  2. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I've made some revisions (taking some of your suggestions into account). Here's what I've come up with now: I'd appreciate your thoughts on this as well.
  3. Thanks guys. I took a look at Take1 and it seems to fit my needs. I might buy the full version of DirectWave later on if I see that there's a lot more use for it.
  4. Hi, my orchestral piece I just made has 22 soundfont tracks, using the Fruity Soundfont Player. Whenever I render, it takes upwards of 10 minutes to render, while it would only take about 2 minutes if VSTs or something else was used. I've tried alternative soundfont players (SFP and SFZ) but they either make FL 8 crash or the song just becomes nothing but loud static when you hit Play (SFZ is the one that does this). Is there another option, or should I avoid using soundfonts with FL Studio?
  5. The only thing I can think of is perhaps take away that buzzing that I'm hearing from that one synth. Granted, you may have wanted that sound, but I'd switch it with something that better matches the texture of the other synths and see of that sounds better or worse. It does capture the mood though, so kudos for that.
  6. First off, this sounds really good. All of the instruments sound well-balanced, the reverb is just right, and the drums are varied nicely. I don't know if it's a good idea to switch between drum sets like that (ie. from what you had to the orchestral percussion), but it certainly doesn't sound bad. Wish I could give more advice, but there's nothing here that really sticks out. Hopefully a more experienced member can listen to it and give you tips to make it "studio quality" or whatnot.
  7. This is probably a long shot, considering the activity here, but I'd appreciate it if I can get some quick feedback regarding the production and mastering this track I made (yes, it's for a game I'm developing). I've been adding filters and EQing to what I think sounds right, but perhaps a fresh set of ears would be better. Please tell me what you think.
  8. The electric guitar near the end sounds a bit "harsh" and clashes with the rest of the tune IMO. Besides that, and the weird percussive stuff in the beginning, I think this could make it. No harm in sending it to the panel if you think it's ready though. They'll do a better job of critiquing it then I can. Also, it's bad practice to expect much activity here. You should try #orcwip if you want quick responses. That's always been my experience.
  9. That's exactly what I thought when I tried to hook my old MIDI cable up to my new laptop and the correct driver for it. Apparently 64-bit is special. Oh, in that case I'll probably just invest in a full audio interface. Thanks!
  10. I need something that will connect by MIDI keyboard to my Vista laptop. I'm having troubling finding places to actually buy 1 X 1 MIDI cables compatible with Vista 64-bit. Not even ZZsounds seems to have one that specifically says Vista-64 bit compatible, which is a bit discouraging, considering I've already updated/bought new software for my laptop so I can begin ReMixing again. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
  11. Dang, I was afraid you'd say that... Oh well, this is really good BTW. If you do decide to submit this, I hope is passes.
  12. You might as well, see what the judges think of it. Even if it doesn't pass, they'll usually get you in the right direction so that you song will pass the next time. A question, how did you get your piano sample to sound the way it does. I'm using VSTi, and I can't get it to sound "pure" or, basically, just like in this song.
  13. I've returned after serious work on this piece. I've dropped the "Pirates" feel and just went straight orchestral. First song, is Dark Star. I have no idea what the second song is, but I assumed it was part of the SoM soundtrack when I started this version. THe song was named "manatheme.mid", but for all I know, it could've been an original piece some guy made up who wished it was in the soundtrack. T_T. I hope the second movement doesn't cost me. This new version is FAR from finished. It's not fully mastered yet, and there are a lot of things that I know need tweaking. Here is the new version First of all, I decided to build up to the climax of the 1st movement (1:59) not just through volume, but also through tempo. It slows down for a calm, "sentimental" and dramatic chorale, then jumps into the finale. Secondly, the issues; Parts of this song will sound "empty". That's because there are samples missing, and thus, parts missing as well. I'm looking for good taiko drums samples and once I find them, I can finish the arrangement by adding those parts in. Thirdly, the piano sample at 1:23 sounds okay, but I want to get it to sound like this song. Some good mastering tips (besides the ones here) concerning piano arrangements will be much appreciated. Thanks for the help!
  14. Does anyone know where I can get a decent taiko drum sample like in this song (1:32)? If someone knows the piano sample in that song as well, that'd be even better.
  15. Another update! Any last tips? Pleez...
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