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  1. Main post updated with the latest version! I'm starting run out of things I want to improve, so I might set the status to ready for review soon.
  2. Thanks so much! That's very reassuring to hear! Next step is to record the analog synth track but that might take a while. Will post an updated track when I'm satisfied with that.
  3. Hi, thanks for taking the time to listen to my WIP remix in the style of 90s happy hardcore. Typically songs of this genre feature distorted kick drums, but I chose to go with a clean kick for this one, because I wanted a clean mix with several melodic tracks. My main worry is that I may have strayed too far from the source material. Also a bit unsure about the length; 3:19 is on the short side. I plan on replacing the acid:y synth that comes in around 1:28 with a real analog synth, but want to make sure the arrangement is just right before I record it. Edit: done! Feedback of any kind welcome! Source:
  4. When I look back on this remix I think it should not have been accepted by ocremix. The only good part is the part that starts at 1:57 and the intro had sort of a nice feel too ( with the really cuddly pad ), but the rest of the mix could have needed a lot more effort and generally more "feel" put into it. The reason why it is so dull, with nothing really creative in there such as a bassline is simple really. When I was a kid I was virtually tone-deaf and I knew this. Even though I had improved much at that stuff at the time I made this remix I still had much doubt about myself. I was afraid that if I experimented with layers of strings or arpeggio synths I would do something wrong, i.e. use a wrong key-tone or something and not be able to hear it. So basically I feel that I should have waited with submitting it until I was more confident about myself. I am not tone-deaf at all anymore so I know I could make a much better mix if I tried but it would be a waste of time since ocremix doesn't accept new versions of old remixes anymore. After all I guess this is a piece of video game remixing history, boring as it is, there is at least one small part worth listening to. Just thought I would let people know that I don't even like this remix myself and explain a bit why it was never as good as it could have been.
  5. Loved the game, loving this mix . It's really amazing.
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