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  1. Hello,

    Could you please confirm if you're the artist that drew the album cover for the Chrono Symphonic? I really liked the image with the planet and the comet, and would like to buy/print it for a poster, but without the text in front of it...

    I found some related images at http://symphonic.herograw.org/, including one without text, but it's not exactly the same, and the resolution is lower. So, if there's a way to get the original one, in as high a resolution as possible, I'd really like it!


  2. Oh god I thought the same thing. So awesome.
  3. Just picked up the game, my brawl code is 4511-0305-8879 I use the nick 'Trev' in the game - it's the family Wii, and I don't want the wife asking me "What the fuck is an EonBlue?". I suck at the game though - I never played Melee, so I don't know about the fancy wavedashing and chain throwing and all that shit.
  4. <@DarkeSword> eon make sure you leave a review or smth <Eon_Blue> k I'm working through Metroid Prime 3, and enjoying the hell out of it - though I think I agree with DS, the soundtrack isn't as 'aggressive' as the previous two. While it still sounds decent with the game, it almost works better standing alone than it does working with the mechanic/organic feel of the game - the last two soundtracks blended that theme almost perfectly. I much enjoyed the blending of the three games during the song - I can clearly pick up the whistling effect and the piano arpeggios of the first and second Prime games, along with the main Corruption theme around around 2:35 - while still bouncing around that awesome chord progression established 40 seconds into the track. WOULD LISTEN AGAIN A++++++++
  5. His brinstar remix is Metroid Brinstar Theme (Ben Lewis Mix) OC ReMix. Don't know if that's been mentioned already. Edit - What do you know? It has.
  6. I did the artwork, I'm cool with it being included - and maybe just a little flattered. I can't speak for the rest of the project though - I can't imagine how it would be a problem though, but it's always a good idea to check.
  7. I had this as a wip a while back - I got a lot of great feedback, but had a hell of a time applying some of the suggestions. I'd like to get it going again, and I've already made a few changes. http://hosting.thasauce.net/eon/music/spinballwip.mp3 Ignore the 13 seconds of silence at the end o_O... Right after the "stutter" part at 1:40 is where I'd like a solo of something... Just not sure what, yet. I'd love to organize a remix project for this game, it's got such awesome music. Feedback plz.
  8. So she made the phat beatz and you did the singing?
  9. Has anyone said Pokemon Snap? Because I swear to god I'll say it.
  10. Easily the best song in the game. http://hosting.thasauce.net/eon/music/Eon_mario2.mp3 Needs length, arrangement. Also, EQ. Samples are pretty good, I think. I really like the piano solo starting at 0:45, I'd like tho throw some chords underneath, but I don't know music theory. I'll just have to play with it until I get something I like. Also, the hammond organ part is a little out of place. I had a violin there, but that was even worse. I do like the melody it plays, but I can't seem to find an instrument that suits it. I'm heavily inspired by djp's Earthbound Remix (which is fucking fantastic), and while this doesn't exhibit the same "drive", (or "pace" I guess is the word I'm looking for...), I'm liking the way this is turning out. Tackling this genre is a little tougher, I think - you don't really have effects or anything to rely on as filler. The quality of the song is highly determined by melody and harmony - no huge filter effect sweeps to fall back on when inspiration dies a bit. Anyway, feedback appreciated, etc...
  11. Download a caffeine hit in mp3 format. It just sounds like a jungle with some weird rumbling sounds or something. I'm actually drinking a coffee right now, so I can't really tell, I guess. Also, it takes me less than 20 minutes to drink a coffee. http://anabubula.com/node/26 Does anyone feel an energetic boost after hearing this? I guess the downloadable orgasm is next. owait: http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01277/
  12. I often play games with the music off, and my own CD in the stereo. So I've played SEVERAL games without ever hearing the soundtrack. Though they're often racing games or whatever. Also Tetrisphere for the win. http://hosting.thasauce.net/eon/music/Eon_Blue_Tetrisphere-Levitate.mp3 ...although... http://hosting.thasauce.net/eon/forum/eonreject.jpg
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