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  1. I created a music video for this song! It rules! Whoever wants it contact me on aim; dragonblades2000 yahoo; dragonrunner2001 Have fun, Mike ! The song rules!!!
  2. This song rules so much! It's very emotional! Somebody recommended it to me so I heard it and thought it ruled! Did you guys know there is now a music video for this song? Go to www.kingofthemile.com/videos.html and download the video, it's video #12 on the site. It plays the music and the video part is actually the 1996 Olympic Final of the Mens 1500 meters race. If you guys also want to see the race but without music and with commentary then get video #13. I created the video for the site, I own the website on Hicham El Guerrouj. Tell me what your thoughts are on the video, and if you like
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