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  1. i like the way this one starts... while it gets into yer fun, somewhat bouncy beat later, the beginning is very good at capturing that mysterious, even eerie quality that some parts in EB have. This would make a fine ending credit song or something some day, if not an already astounding standing song. It recreates the feeling the game gives of returning home from a distant, terrible adventure, or even how close it came to not happening. Rellik creates a sound that is both reflective, relieved and yet aprehensive in some ways. " Is Giygas truly gone? Are the Starmen lost without their leader?
  2. Game Over's always been like a favorite to me, even though this is only their second song i've heard.. like the other, this one rocks quite soundly, with that harsher, rougher sort of metal i love so good. The whole battle atmosphere is kept well here, and i name this a good'un because of it all! Topman's stage did have a certain kind of guitar sound to it, but this one changes it pretty good... gets that ' Heavy Metal Highway' at the start there, hehe.. but there's a weird delay on the notes that's buggerin' a bit, but it's alright. The solo is awesome too, very fighter's sound.. but why cou
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