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  1. First off great job on these remixes to all the artists. I only had one issue with the entire project which was Adhesive Boy's contribution to it. THE INTRO HAD BAD DISTORTION ON IT! other than that it was awesome
  2. I have done an orchestral version of the Computer Station song and would like to enter it into the project. You can get it @ www.soundclick.com/deusmachina. That version is @ 128 kbps . You can e-mail me to get the 192 kbps version @ deusmachina@ecstasisband.com. Thank you for your time and consideration Deus Machina
  3. First off Congratulations on making an awesome atmospheric trance track and second off great sound design. Some of the best LFO I've heard in quite some time and your intro had some of the best sounding trance synths on it I've heard in quite some time.
  4. Out of curiosity why did you filter the kick? If you are gunna use distortion on a kick let the distortion be heard
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