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  1. I expect this song to be heard during next AGDQ!
  2. Great song! Not many remixes have lyrics incorporated, and most of them are from Game Over (good band btw). Really liked that, it's not sad, not happy, it's just........relaxing, but encouraging at the same time. And the voice, oh the voice! Djpretel, you've got the voice of an angel, that's for sure! ^^
  3. This remix is great! A little bit long to download, but it worth the wait! The music playing at 3:12 reminds me of the ocean palace' song in Chrono Trigger, weird.........The woman voice is the perfect company to the strings and piano, creating the illusion that the source of the music is a divine place. There is a contrast between the notes that would be important to notice: the high sounds tell that everything is calm and everything will be until the end of time, while the bass sounds deliver an atmospher of battles and wars..........As if Link was standing on a cliff after the end of his quest asking himself: «Did I succeed?».
  4. I really loved this remix! Everything is perfect! The transition between the songs are magnificient and the choice of the songs was absolutly brilliant! There is one thing though that I considered to be not corrected, but noticed for futures remix: the drum beat in the background is always the same, no matter what is the symphony playing.........Except that, the song is just fabulous! Good job!
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