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  1. I'm for anything that allows us to have access to a larger selection of games on a single system. I don't know who has $1000 to spend to make they can play MGS 4 and Halo. There's got to be a way to establish a standard that all games and systems would work with, while allowing console makers to continue to compete based on whose box is cheaper, runs more smoothly, or has added features (live, home, blu-ray), etc. I guess that would pretty much be a gaming-only PC, actually.
  2. I can totally believe the article in the OP. I recently saw Au Revoir Simone play to maybe 50 - 75 people (about 25 by the end) in a showroom about the size of my parents' living room - and this is a band that's on Napster and has been reviewed in Rolling Stone. I can't imagine they got paid more than a few hundred dollars, tops. The internet and digital recording have obviously led to a serious glut of pro or near-pro sounding music out there. It seems like it'd be almost impossible for a band to distinguish themselves right now.
  3. A few alternative hypotheses: Charlie isn't really dead. All we saw was him crossing himself and holding his breath, while Desmond's in the other room with a couple of air tanks that would fit through that blown-out window. Since Desmond knows that it's not Penny's boat and Claire might not actually be getting rescued, he could decide to prevent the vision from coming true by saving Charlie. The flash-forwards were just Jack imagining the future, not actual glimpses of the future. The flashbacks always occur along with a shot of the person from the flashbacks apparently thinking of what we just saw. In other words, we aren't just seeing what happened in the past, but seeing their memories. That's why "future" Jack is still talking about his father as if he's alive - he's not completely used to his dad being dead, or at least naturally imagines his dad still being at the hospital with him. Just some thoughts. The standard dead Charlie/real future explanations are more probable, but it's fun to think about other possibilities that would still make sense.
  4. I was just reading that on Kotaku and wanted to see if people were also freaking out about it here. The other post has 100+ commenters snarling about canceling pre-orders and whatnot. Pretty entertaining in a way. It does really suck that Sony's only saving something like $27 by removing the chips, whereas PS2 owners are going to lose out on at least $50 from not trading in their old consoles. Either that, or they just won't get to play PS2 games anymore, which is almost unthinkable in a way.
  5. Ever hear the expression "robbing Peter to pay Paul" Sony?
  6. And I suppose the Xbox 360 had original titles that justified a purchase? Come now, if ANYONE is going to have original titles to warrant a purchase it's going to be the Wii this generation. Sorry I meant to say "exclusive" rather than original. I'm sure the Wii will show the most originality, but I have to question whether there will be enough must-haves for it. Besides Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Tales of Phantasia, and SSBM, the GC didn't have a very impressive lineup of exclusives and I'm concerned the Wii could turn out the same way. You won't see me buying an Xbox or 360 for the same reason: it's a system for ports. At least Xbox was the most powerful system for them.
  7. Not that they'll necessarily be able to meet it, but you know they're aiming for 2 million by the end of the year and 6 million by March 07. Gamespot article If they keep on that track, they'd be at like 10-15 million worldwide by the end of 07.
  8. Wow, I didn't think of how the power difference would delay or even prohibit the Wii from getting ports or being a part of cross-platform games. Then again, I haven't bought any GC games that were available for PS2. I'm concerned enough about whether the Wii's going to have enough original games to justify a purchase. I got a GC for $100 because it came with both Zelda's for N64 - it was worth it just because it saved me from buying the old system and those 2 games. Looking at what GC cames I've played though...it'd be really tough to justify spending much more for the console (or getting it without 2 sweet games that I hadn't played). I expect to play: Super Smash Bros.: Brawl The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Dragon Quest Swords Fire Emblem Resident Evil But how much are they going to have to offer beyond those? I'm not seeing that may must-play PS3 games, but there seem to be a lot more PS3 games on the way that may turn out to be worth playing. Being able to download old NES games was exciting, but I realized I still have those sitting in my closet and never play them. So...that wiimote better be damn cool.
  9. Here's an invitation for wild speculation: Like everyone else who plays games and doesn't have a trust fund, I plan to wait for the PS3 to come down in price pretty drastically before buying one. The thing that concerns me though, is that the initial price is so high that if the price drops like it has with other consoles it'll still be like $450 5 years from now. For instance, I think PS2 was $299 at first. Now it's like $129. So the price has only been cut 170 bucks over all this time. A PS3 with a cut like that would still be $430, which is still more than a lot of people are willing to spend on a console. Do you think they'll just make huge price cuts over the years, like $100 at a time? Does the cost of manufacturing electronics decrease in proportion to the original expense? I hope so.
  10. Took me a minute but I seem to have figured out copy and paste, so that should do. I'm not quite sure what you mean by the playlist thing. I'm having trouble finding some of this stuff, is it possible that we're looking at different versions of FL? Anyway, I think I've got it figured out enough to actually start producing something. Thanks for the help everyone.
  11. Thanks so much Yoshi, that helps a whole lot. Is there an easy way to extend a beat throughout the entire piano roll?
  12. Okay, I am very inexperienced in both music theory and music software, so please bear with me for this noobish question: I have the FL 3 Demo, and I can't seem to get the song length any longer than 64 beats. Is this because it's a demo, or is it supposed to only be that long, or am I missing some way to change that? Is FL only for making loops shorter than 64 beats, and not complete songs that change over the course of 64+ beats? Thanks
  13. Hey GLL, I rarely post reviews, and usually don't d/l music from games that I haven't played, but I've loved all your stuff so far and thought I'd give this one a chance. I was definitely not disapointed. The only criticsm I can think of is that some of elements in the begining sound like they're a little distant and possibly drowned out by the kinda ambient background part...I don't know jack about music so sorry if that's reverb-related. I think it might just be a volume issue. Anyway, other than that very minor issue I think this is a great mix that really keeps things changing and interesting beyond the standard elements of trance. You have a really distinctive style that I happen to love. I still listen to Link Goes Clubbing almost daily...that kinda meandering lead is incredible, I'm not quite sure how to describe it. So anyway, great job on the UO mix, and keep up the great work, I haven't been disappointed by anything you've come out with.
  14. I read "Jazz" and lyrics" in the description for this song and figured I would hate it. Thank god I downloaded it anyway, b/c this is one of the best ReMixes I've gotten in a while. Sure, there is some truth to the criticisms (singing quiet, low notes a little rough) but they do nothing to diminish the overall enjoyment of this track. I actually like that the singing is pretty quiet for most of it...it doesn't overshadow the Protoman theme, and it kinda reminds me of someone sitting alone singing to herself. Not the kinda thing you would be belting out to an audience. Great job
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