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  1. I agree totally. The ideas presented are wonderful, and it's a wonderful piece that you wrote, but the trumpets swtich between sounding wonderful and making me cringe. But everything else it top notch. For a piece that switches styles so often, you really put it together well.
  2. Good lord. This is the kind of remix that makes me love this site. Everything about it, the mix of instruments, the variation of the orginal theme, the dynamics, and the ideas put forth in the solos are all done in grand fasion. I love the jazz flute in the begining, as well as DJP's opening variation on the main theme at 00:56. The way this is written I could acctually see a big band playing this. My only negative comment is in the first solo from 2:08 to about 2:17. I can hear the use of a jazz scale in this short little clip, and the way it is used just sounds too simple for my tastes, a
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