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  1. They finally added -wtf mode. YES. Well at least something close and fun. At least it'll be around for a bit.
  2. So after 3 months of inactivity I'm playing this again. Won 7/10 placements and was put into Gold II. Makes me think I could have even gotten Platinum if I won all 10 even though I didn't hit Plat in solo queue last season. If you see me online feel free to invite me to a game. Fair warning though I'm going to be playing almost exclusively Quinn. Since I actually really like her a lot and she's underrated I figure I'll have a good chance of being able to play her every game as long as I get to be ADC in ranked.
  3. At my current skill level with the character, yes, I think so. In general I don't think a super skilled Yasuo will need that kind of backup but there's no reason not to. I don't maintain my Q stacks well enough on my own to guarantee good ults in fights. I am pretty darn good at dashing around forever and building stacks cause it feels similar to Kassadin and laning though!
  4. Yasuo is high skill cap with lots of potential. I really like him.
  5. Tier lists are largely useless when you have things like Lolking that give you win rates in each respective league so you don't have to do any of the guesswork and you know how well champs are doing. Couple examples: Sivir lost like 5-6% win rate with the latest patch...but she's still sitting pretty at a 53% win rate. Rammus lost a bunch of % but he's still a top 15 champ and not a top 5 champ anymore. You don't get that arguing over the minutia of kits and trying to tier champions. It's data you can see and use to your advantage. Flavor of the month is readily apparent and you can see if it
  6. What's your league name, Kitty? Also we're in the middle of another 5s session and we just stomped on some guys. Man I'm showing a lot of growth. I had a really easy penta opportunity but instead went for towers to win the game. Quadra was good enough for me. Edit: Then we lost two in a row to the same team who were much better than us. Now to keep playing normals completely on tilt and just go on feeding sprees.
  7. They took the 3 inhibitors really quickly. What let us win was the fact that I was Cait and the influx of constant farm (I ended with 514 cs) and I only died 4 times due to really good positioning and the fact that the enemy team had no real assassins so even with Baron I was alive essentially the entire game. I ended the game with a complete damage build: BT, IE, LW, PD, Shiv, Zephyr. Enemy comp had no assassins and two heavy front line tanks but because of really super solid bot lane play enemy Jinx ended the game with less than 1 KDA ratio. So far with this team our two hardest won victorie
  8. So I haven't played very much recently and as much as I like to say I'm really a plat+ player but just haven't put in the time I think I have proof now. Decided to finally make a ranked 5s team with the group I usually play with and so far we're 5 - 0. Placed into Gold I. Definitely going to be making a run and platinum and even beyond. Had one game where we came back from a 3 inhib down situation against a plat/gold team and another where we came back from a 2 inhib down situation against a diamond/plat team. I like to think I played a major part in all these games. Played Caitlyn and Corki
  9. Until the match hits level 6 then you have issues cause Vayne is dumb.
  10. Best thing to do is 2 lifesteal 1 ad quint with ad reds for the extra ad and sustain in lane.
  11. Lots of champs are kinda dumb. That's why you gotta be willing to random and just make the best of it if you get a bad champ and do something dumb/bad if you get a good champ.
  12. Want to add that there's a difference between going 50/50 and continuing to rise and going 50/50 and dropping. My win rate is slightly higher than 50/50 but my rank has been steadily increasing the entire time. I play with plat and diamond players and I know where I belong. I'm not discouraged cause I tend to win and lose at a near equal rate. My wins have been against those with higher ratings. It's possible to have a losing record and increase rank even. Simply using win rate as a measure of how you progress through a ranking system doesn't work. Back when your League was determined purely b
  13. S3 rewards revealed: http://beta.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/announcing-end-season-3-rewards While I'm really excited to be getting Victorious Elise I really wish that you'd get IP compensation for already owning the champion since you get the champ for free if you don't already have her.
  14. Streaming now: http://www.twitch.tv/eternalz3r0 360 controller ARAM time.
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